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Gearbox Breakdown

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Well after putting up 50,000 mls up in the last year the gearbox gave up without any warning. The thing that annoyed me was the time it took to get it repaired in a Lexus garage. 6/8 weeks. Wasnt covered by warranty because i use it as a Taxi around Dublin City. They wanted €7,000 to €5,000 to repair it but after threatening them with legal action it was reduced to €1,500 and that covered them doing the timing belt as well. After a few days getting it back the carrier bearing went behind the gearbox on the driveshaft. Car off road again and waiting on the bearing for 3 months now. Lexus has crap service here in Ireland with parts. Would have been better buying a Jap import. Any one with same problems with gearbox. Would definitely not reccomend off roading with this car.

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There have been many transmission failures in the US on 4WD RX300s but the first I have heard about in Europe.

How many miles has the vehicle done?

Did you ever change the transmission fluid? Even though Lexus state it shouldn't be changed Lexus dealers in the US recommend a change every 15k - 30k miles. Other people also recommend putting on an external transmission filter.

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