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*pics* Of My Car


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I think my next little mod would have to be this,

Looking good :D

First mods are on there way :winky:

As above :)

Cheers for all the comments :)

thats a good one.............licence endangering though :sick:

155 still wont be quick enough for me :lol: from what i understand its not easy to overide the box to go any faster,what would be the top end of one of these cars :unsure: 180

Looking good mate, liking that rear plate too, where's that from fella?

Not sure but the plate came wit the car when i bought it.

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Top end is 174mph IIRC if you take the stock wheel/tire height and gearing into account :).

One way to get rid of the 155mph is to get a TOMS TECS ECU - which is VERY expensive and hard to come by - another is to go HKS V-Pro and one other way is to replace the whole transmission ;).

Nice example Jackal, I've just replied to your PM :).

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The TOMS ecu or MINES ecu will not just remove the speed limiter properly, but it will remove boost limit, increase fueling (for when you turn boost up), advance ignition timing (more low end power). Dropping that ECU set to 1.0bar will increase the power from 280hp to 340/350hp immediately.

Interestingly, I've been told that any Mk.iv Supra AUTO ecu will work in the Aristo, as it's the same car. That would need to be tried just to make sure, but it makes sense as it's the same engine/gearbox.

ECU re-programming is about 600 quid and a full ECU is 1200 quid. I got my 2nd hand for much less but it was hard to come by.

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Yoshi: I don't think the standard Supra MkIV (NON-VVTI) ECU would work with our VVTi cars, but they may do with the Mk1 Aristo's. Just wondering but where is it you can do a full remap on the ECU for £600?

As long as it's a VVTI Mk.4 Supra ecu, it should work. That's the theory anyway, you'd have to try it. will reprogram ECU for about 600 quid via MINES.

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