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I have a problem removing oil filter from my car (IS200) the filter is done up very tight.

searched previous posts and found out that unlike most filters, which just go hand tight, the IS200 one needs 3/4's extra turn with a special toyota tool. can anyone tell me if it is posiable to puchase this tool? :)

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a screwdrived punched thru the middle works very well - or pop to halfords for oil filter tools

Screw driver is fine for taking it off.... but probably won't be great for tightening back up.... :lol:

i've seen oil filter tools in most motor factors...

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How about one of these?

...for those who don't want to click, it's one of these:-


yea thats the same one as i got but it dont work to well on the IS as there is not much room. so i ended up useing screwdriver to take the old one of and then just hand tightening the new one. all was ok :winky:

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Reckon one of these should do the trick :)


i take it you have never replaced the oil filter on your IS :whistling: i dont think you will get that in there to take of the filter ;)

The answer to question 1 is yes I have and to the second is that I think it is about the only thing that will get in there if you put it straight on the end of a ratchet.

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