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Sold The Lexus.......she's Gone.....just

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Hi all,

Well, what can I say. I had the IS200 for about 8 months. I had the rough with the smooth, but now she has gone......but only just!!!!!

I still 'dabble' in car repair as a bit of a side line and one of my 'customers' has a lovely :duh: Renault Safrane which has been playing him up, electrical problems, brake problems etc, some due to age and some down to good old Kwik fit (brief slow start, i checked and Battery 6 year old, needs new, he takes to kwik fit to get new battery- i did offer to get batt and fit, he said no as quicker for kwik fit to do- that was a joke :D :D , he arrived at kwik fit with a starting car and left on the back of an RAC recovery vehicle!!!!, the numpty kwik fit goof managed to melt, yes melt the engine earth wire, unbelievable, they charged him for the Battery and then when would not start just pushed it out and said not there problem!!!!!-anyway sorted it with new earth lead and rectified no compression-bore washed!!! moral don't use kwik fit)

Any way while fixing his car he said that he liked the lexus and he was going to look for a new car as the safrane was past its best. I happened to mention that I was thinking of changing the Is200, he said let him know when I was ready to sell,...... two days later I was on the phone, well I had had my fun!!!

I arranged for him to come and have a drive, a day later.

Now, this car although has had a few problems, water pump, lumpy running has never let me down, so he came round I explained the car in all its details the positives and the negatives (just call me honest John :shifty: ).

We get in car(not driven since previous day), turn key she starts ok, but hang on, engine warning light on with flashing traction control light, i ignored, as you do!!! went to pull away, no throttle, engine would not rev!!!!!, it had gone into default/limp home mode, tried ecu reset to no avail.

I felt a right lemon, here I was with a buyer with cash in the back pocket, after giving all the spill about lexus being the most reliable manufacturer, and what does it do, break bloomin down!!!!!! Aaaaarrrrrggghh!

I phoned a mate at lexus, after losing the sale :angry: , he scratched his head and said not heard of before, try disconnecting Battery. I did that and seems ok, drove to his workshop and plugged the toyota intelligent tester in, no memorised faults, so no idea what the hell happened!!!!! A complete mystery, i reckon the car knew she was going!!!!!! tempramental cow :lol::lol:

Any way phoned the guy who 'was' interested back up, said he could have a drive to see if liked the IS200 so that he could go and find another one if he liked it, but decided he would buy mine after all as he liked mine so much, so delivered her to his door a few days later and walked away abit sad :( but abit richer :winky:

My next car, well was going to be a mazda RX8, but the dealer is being a real tit, so the deal has fallen out of bed, i should enjoy spending 15k on a car, not feel stressed and have to argue with a dealer about there balls up. It has put me off the whole RX8 thing thanks to the crappy mazda dealer.

So car less at the moment, abit strange, don't know what to buy, don't know what to do :duh:

Just using good old public transport and the legs I was born with!

To be honest i am quite enjoying not having to worry about a car, but there is money burning a hole in my pocket..............

Any way thanks to all at LOC, it has been a pleasure, I will still keep active on this fantastic forum!!!!

Regards Pumatron.

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Congrats on the sale, good luck with whatever you do go for mate. :)

Bizzare really all teh issues you had......mines a 99k miler, 51 plate and been fautless for coming up to three years! Only thing im not keen on is the mpg and having to get the tracking done every 6 months!!

Best of luck :D

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Only thing im not keen on is the mpg and having to get the tracking done every 6 months!!

Best of luck :D

Kazi thats only because your always hitting the curb :lol:

All the best on finding a new car it's a shame the dealer has put you off an RX8. Who knows maybe you'll end up with another Lex :winky:

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£15K! Could get a half decent stereo for that! (Or an LS400 Ser 4 AND change for a stereo!)

£15K Stereo? Well now..

Audionote CD player. About £5K. Or get an uprated Marantz CD 63 with built in volume control running straight into a pair of (in-built amplified) Avantgarde Solo speakers. Lexus LS quality in a stereo?

Imagery you can touch plus impact and all the volume you could need if that's your priority!

Enjoy the sunshine!

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