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Supercharger Or Coilovers

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Hi folks, a little advice or just your opinion please

Due to a friend of mine fitting a SC to his golf VR6 and the fact that now I can't even see his taillights let alone follow

I was thinking of going down the same lines with a SC myself, however today while checking my car to see why I get weird noises while cornering I found that I have a dodgy rear shock.


1) Do i just replace the rear shocks with OE or pattern parts and go with the SC.


2) Do i fit coilovers and forget the SC as my pocket money wont stretch to both.

Do I really need coilovers on a car with no engine mods?

If i SC do i need coilovers?

Will Joan tell Ted that the baby isn't his?........... WTF!!!

Any comments will be appreciated

Thank you


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It's all up to you and what sort of driving you do in all fairness.

Personally I did mods in something like this order on my IS:


Anti Roll Bars


Supercharger Induction kit


My driving consisted mainly of windy country roads at the time, the ARBs helped with cornering and the supercharger enabled me to have more fun on the windies, whereas the coilovers really allowed me to push the car on corners and roundabouts as it could handle much more!

If you're going to be driving mainly windy roads, personally I'd look at sorting the suspension either via lowering springs / coilovers and ARBs before going down the supercharger route, whereas if you're mainly on the motorway or A roads etc then I'd go the supercharger route as that would allow you to build up speed quicker.

It's all about what results you want at the end.

I've now got a car that can pull away quite easily from the vast majority of modified ISx00's, but I reckon if I had the IS still I could probably give it a good go on the windies seeing as the Aristo can be a bit of a boat at times!

Saying that I did obliterate a Scooby on the windies in this one and he seriously wasn't happy about that :D

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I think as Gord, coilovers are around £1000. A supercharger is £4000 from TTE. Price wise it is not comparable. I would personnaly go for the coilovers cause even with the SC, you would not be able to follow a standard VR6.

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At the End of the day,how much do you think or want to spend on the car.

Lets say 4k for the could buy a Toyota Aristo mk1 for maybe 3k and sell your car....dont know how much its worth...

Lets say 6k for your car....ive not bothered to find out how much its worth sorry..

Cant you see what im getting at :D

Aristo plus say around 1k spent on it and youve got a car far far in front of most cars on the road in terms of performance.

Sorry for being Sharp tonight but id have bought a IS300 and put coilovers on it :D

Id go for coilovers first ;)

Then a SC.

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id say go for the s/c if its not too over budget, as long as your not planning to hammer it round corners (while you save up for the coilovers) i think youll have more fun in the meantime..and if you really do find yourself slipping you could always put on a set of springs for a while.

or else you could go for some lower end coils like tein type basics - which iv got- they were only about £4/500 and iv had no probs- even when throwing it in to corners.... :blush:

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