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:unsure: Hi,

I'm a newbie here introducing myself, hope this site proves to be as usefeul as first impressions suggest, some knowledgeable people about :tomato:

P.S hope my signature is not too loud but I feel strongly we need to put max into life and get as much out of life as possible. :D

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Welcome to LOC :)

Looks like you've only gone and got yourself pretty much the top of the range model there :D

Nice sig by the way, totally agree :)

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Your signature is how Aido does it, I've seen the JAE pics and others too.

Aido your my type of guy !!

Aido your my type of guy !!
.... and he's single ;)


Yeah I am single now you dumped me, I miss you you bitch Ahmet :lol:

None of us are here forever so just enjoy the time you've got, it's the only way, had a look at your website Wozza, that's class, you've had your pic with some quality birds, I proper like that Jo O'Meara from your gallery :D

On a stag do in London the day after JAE so will try and pop into your places mate see if you're around :)

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Cheers for the comments Aido,

will try to get to JAE if work will let me,

if not the stag nite sounds like one to tag on to !

:offtopic: Jo O'Meara may have been a naughty girl

in the BB House, Danielle Lloyd too, (both on my website)but

I met them a couple of years ago and were really lovely. (phwoooar)

erm I mean really lovely to meet ;)

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