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The End Is In Sight


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Lo all

As most of you will be aware my Lex was up for sale and has now sold, i have also found my replacement , a mint 52 plate Silver WRX Sti with 22k on the clock, i snatched the guys hand off as i offered silly money and he accepted :D

So form the 3-4th of August my lexus owning days will be over.

The Lex is staying with an LOC member though and all i can say is watch out for my Old Lex :shutit:

i will get some photos of my new motor up asap.

Thanks for all the info and help peeps youve all been great!!!

I will still be around though so dont think you will have rid of me that easy :) I will hopefully get to meet some of you on the 19th at Haigh Hall

Dave aka Bulldog

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Hey there Dave,

Glad to hear that you finally managed to sort out the Scoobaru. From what I gather, you've caught a damn fine example ;)

For the short time I've known you on here it's been good lol :D

All the best and I'll see you either around and about, at Japan North @ Haigh) or on LADSOC.

All the best,


p.s: I'll listen out for you ;)

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Well Done on on your new car mate. Your Lexus was one of the cleanest examples I have ever seen! :o

I'm sure like me, you will keep popping in here; their are just no other forums where you can get the same sense of community as here.

Take Care,

Anees :)

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