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Hi every one i'm not quite a lexus owner yet but i am looking at buying an altezza rs 200 that i have seen. Its a 2000 plate tipronic with 82,000 on the clock its got fsh and been in the uk since new apparently, so i was wondering appart from the usual things to look out for mechanicaly is there anything specific that i need to check before i go for it.

Thanks in advance


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Welcome to LOC :)

At that milage I guess you want to be checking all the brakes and that the cambelt, tensioner, oil probably water pump etc have all been changed in it's lifetime, otherwise you could have a big service bill if it's not all been done!

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Guest inicol63

Hi and welcome.

Things to check are cam belt change needs to be done every 70-80,000 not 100,000.

Wheel alignment most need to been done, this is around £100 £150 at wheels in motion (info can be found on here)

Check alloys as these normaly have corrosion on.

Check on gear box oil.

Other than that check for damage...

Good luck with your purchase,.

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Looks like i will have to wait a little longer for an IS200 as i'm having trouble selling/px ing my curretn car as most dealers don't seem to like modified cars so i'm probably going to have put it back to standard wich sucks. But will keep trying to get a deal!

Thanks again for welcomes and advise.

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Excellent stuff mate!

I had my eye on two IS's when I bought mine - an Aztec Fire and a Granite Sky - the Aztec one was further away but had nav but in the end I got the Granite One.

It's a great colour, but just wait til a sunny day :)

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