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Screws For Engine Bay

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Hi guys can anyone tell me the type of screws they use in the engine bay i'm in desperate need for a few as there rusted an broken... the ones hold on the elecs boxes, or near the front grill etc

think there 10mm hex, if you can link me to any on ebay you will be awesome, could not find any in wickes or bnq :(

just dont know the real names or sizes so proving difficult

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I'd just like ones that were same type as the original if I'm honest but in stainless steel, as I dont want to be using allen keys for some things and the other stuff for others. (sorry don't know the names for tools lol...)

What length of thread are they, anyone know off the top of there head?

Don't have a screwfix around here sadly :(

I'm sure I read a thread where someone changed theres a few months ago just cant find it.

Thinking these look similar to orginal just not sure on length

Or these option 2 :)

Thanks for your help guys, I was trying to take one off today an the head has snapped off an the thread is still inside, my dad tells me I need to drill it out. Not sure what I will do yet :( the rest are pretty rusted on.

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I used that second seller that you list from eBay when I bought some bolts to hold down my stainless steel radiator panel. Not saying they're any better than the first seller, and I haven't had them in that long, but they did the job. The ones that I got in that particular instance were M6 x 12.

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Ordered some off ebay but waiting to see if there the right sort mate, expect they are cheper in a screwfix etc as suggested but I shall wait an see then will tell you what I went for mate ;)

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