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Power Chip & Fuel Saver


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finally there is a way to get POWER out of your IS and save fuel at the same time!! lol


My link

thoughts please? just another fake gimmick right?


dont bother seriously!!!!!!!huge con!!!!!!! 40bhp!!!!!! i paid over £2000 to get 50 bhp!!!!!!!

if it sounds too good to be true it normally is...

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Can't believe these people are allowed to sell stuff like this, total con and lies.

It angers me that someone could be fooled into thinking that this £40 Air Intake Temp resistor could actually gain 40 BHP. I emailed the company with my vehicle details inc. mods & current dyno figures to see if they would gaurantee this claim and here's their reply.

"Hi there, we don't guarantee this as we are just the online retailers and it can vary from one type of car to another depending age and condition etc, some cars can get more from this device others less, it is the manufacturer that gives these figures on the device so that is what we advertise them at."

Seems to me that the only gaurantee will be that you will be throwing your money away & financing this online 'get rich quick' middleman retailer. What do you think?

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i think, that this must be the seven billionth topic on the internet on fuel saving powerchips. if you could get that bhp ad saving that easily, it would be fitted from the factory. and people wouldn't pay hundreds of pounds for remapping sessions.


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