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Bodged Job By Car Dealer!


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Hi All, so far I have been delighted by my Lex, however today I noticed the Auto lights where not working...


Now before I start I want to take you back to January when I found my Lexi on Auto trader. After speaking to the dealer and asking the usual stuff, he turned around to me and said, it has 12 months Tax on it because the previous buyer had walked away due to a lighting issue (which had since been repaired)

Anyway, upon testing the lights... they worked, 12 months tax, 12 months MOT thank you kindly.


Fast forward a few months I had to flash some Chav for being a spanner and I noticed the high beam never came on.

This is what I found when I took a look.


So my Sunday is going to be an event filled one indeed sorting that crap out!

I guess this is the water damage I hear so much.

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That's truly disgusting. I hate having to repair other peoples work/gashness. I had to rip out and repair a fair bit of wiring in my wife's Focus because some clown had savaged a hands free mobile kit into it. :tsktsk:

Hope you get it sorted buddy.

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Hi All, well after 2 days of hard core electrical repair I have fixed the Fuse box.

However I now think the relay has broken...

The high beam works, however the headlights and sidelights flicker.

Does anyone know the symptoms of a bad relay or know if I am missing something?

Second to that Lexus gave me a quote of £180 for a new box but I don't know how much the Relays cost?

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Close up pic of the damage and after checking around I found the bodge job plot gets deeper.



The cable soldered to the relay went direct to the steering wheel loom!!


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yeah tell me about it! I can believe a car dealer hiding it and a slightly lower price to get rid, but what kind of automotive electrician would let that car drive on!!!

Still gob-smacked that i havent woke up, looked outside and seen a pile of ash on the driveway. :tsktsk:

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From the amount of damage that loom has been on fire!!! The discolouration of the copper wire shows this along with the melted insulation.The question is how far down the loom does this damage go?

Apart from the fusebox you need another connector plug to splice into the loom once you find out how far back the damage goes,solder all the connections then use heat shrink,then retape the loom.

If I did a bodge like that I'd be fired on the spot!

On this occasion please name the dealer to protect us all!

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If you have not had the car for more than 6 months then the dealer would be obliged by law to rectify all of those faults. Not quite sure how you stand now though since you have partially repaired it. I would be back to the dealer for rectification with the threat of legal action if he doesnt repair all faults.

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In order to take legal/consumer action you would probably need a detailed report on the whole electical system to ensure everything is covered. Best of luck.

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Well Sparkystav's fusebox turned up today and that is all fitted quite nicely, however there is still another fault somewhere...

When I flick the switch the side lights, dash lights and buzzer come on (when door is open) but when i flick it to headlight they dont even bother...

However the high beam work perfectly.

So far i can rule out...



Stalk Switch


Left to check

Theft Deterrent ECU

Head Light Relay (however this worked in other IS200 a few days ago)

Headlight control box... (think it's the black box in dash..)

Anyone have any ideas over something i could be missing?


It was Hyde motor co in manchester

To be honest i seriously :tsktsk: off that this could pass through 3 different places and still be sold, although i think myself lucky that i cant leave the car alone else i would never have found out!

Ultimately, the car drives like a dream and although its a pain in the rear it is not a massive job as it is a limited system.

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Has anyone seen the film: Nightmare on Lexus ST...

I thought i would inspect the passenger side fuse box... along with enough water to go swimming in i found this!!!

Can you see anything wrong with this?


How about now




:tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk:

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yeah they where my first call but with no luck. i'll have to give Lexus a ring. Unfortunately there is only 2 near me and both are tiny.

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