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Sold my 1998 GS, but still have spare 6-CD cartridge for CD changer in glove box. Pioneer part (cost £35!) in excellent condition. Anyone want it for £15 plus postage? (or make me an offer)


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Hi Terry

I'm pretty certain It'll fit your GS 430, assumimg you have the CD magazine in the glove box and it holds 6 CDs. If you're not far from the M40 I couild drop it off and you could check - I go up and down the M40 every day. Also, am in Leighton Buzzard this Wednesday 13th and might come after that (late afternoon, early evening).



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Old topic but one which interests me. I just can't fathom why someone would take the Magazine out of the CD Changer and not put it back in after taking out their discs. Well, when you buy from Clacton you can expect issue after issue.

Is the Lexus Unit basically a Pioneer unit as mentioned somewhere in this thread?  If so, I'll be able to buy one cheaper than £25.  Most annoying.

Battery charged and Radio working. Wheels to go to be re-refurbed next week and will run with replacements 'til decide which to live with.  Four Rims only to be returned and fifth with Tyre for my spare.  May sell the refurbed four or Tyre up, sometime.

Will be able to drive the Car first time next week. Been frustrating but that's Lexus - well my experience - pay peanuts get Monkeys!


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Thanks Richard, I've seen it mentioned that BMW Magazines are the same as Pioneer and it could be that Lexus is just a re-branded Pioneer unit?  May give it a try as seen one for a fiver if I haven't missed it.  Don't want to spend £25 and find out tht the CD changer is knackered!  Looked at installing an alternative Sony GT450U but one vid on vutube makes it look like a nightmare although I thought is was just a case of the right interface couple of plugs. Leave everything else in situ,  alone? 


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Change of mind on the Magazine - photo's of new ones on show different case shape.  The good news is, that the Cassette player accepts and plays a continous Tape with my mobile phone and music.  The bad news is that I seem to have to turn the volume knob forever just to get some sound. Is this an indication of a failed Amplifier?

Also, out of interest I don't see how Speakers, front/back/left/right/ fade etc, happens on this Radio. Don't have a Booklet. How is it done?


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22 hours ago, runsgrateasanut said:

Change of mind on the Magazine - photo's of new ones on show different case shape.


Pretty sure the magazines are all the same. The one in my '01/'02 GS was the same as the one in my '96/'97 LS.

Can't help you with the adjustment though because my GS had the touchscreen nav.

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