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Just discovered washers not working. Filled up washer tank which I think was half fill anyway. Still no joy. My guess must be the pump. Anybody out there know how much new pump would cost and if easy to fit. Thanks in advance.


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I would first of all check your fuses - the one for the washer is in the driver footwell fusebox


changing the pump should not be too difficult - access can be gained by unscrewing a couple of screw on the passenger side wheel arch liner - a couple of pictures here to give you some pointers:


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Without sounding very silly or daft, I cannot even figure out how to open the fuse box. Put the key, it just locks or unlocks. That's it.I am going wrong somewhere. It might be wise to leave it to someone who knows what they are doing.

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I think you are looking at the wrong thing - what you are looking at is the barrel to permanently lock the boot to prevent unwanted access. The fuse box is located further down thown the footwell - the lid is white coloured and just pulls off - I had to get down on my knees to gt to it - have another go

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I think the same reservoir is used for both the windscreen washers and the headlight washers but there are 2 seperate pumps.

Get your head down near the front passenger tyre and ask someone to press the washer button on the stalk with the ignition on and listen for the pump operating.

If you don't hear the pump it is either a wiring fault or the pump, if you do hear the pump it will be a pipe off or blocked jets.

To access the fusebox you need to remove the panel that sits above your knees, it has the footwell light in it, normally 2 philips screws along the top front edge hold it in place. Once removed crane your neck underneath on the right side and you will be able to see the white cover, press the clip at the bottom and release the cover.

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The pump on the left was £20 OEM at auction but nothing stamped on the body.

Centre one is the packered one off my LS MK3 with Toyota part number which Lexus Newcastle quoted £70 + vat.

Other one is from the local auto shop £10. The spade fittings were smaller but thats an easy mod. They're just a pull push fit into the rubber grommet on the washer bottle.

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Thanks for all your help. I think its the pump or fuse. It was not frozen. It just died on me when I was using it. In about 15,000 miles of hard use in the last 6 months, this is the only thing that has gone wrong on me. Amazing car!!!


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I did mine about 3 yrs ago and if I remember rightly you can access the pump by taking the L/H headlamp off, just 2 or 3 bolts and acouple of screws and that saves jacking it up,wheel off and loosening the front of the splash guard and lying underneath and getting soaked when you take the pump off.

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