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Is200 Service Advice.


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I want to service my IS200 myself next month and just wanted some advice....

would this kit be ok to use in peoples opinion or does anyone recommend anything else?

Whats the best oil to use in peoples opinion as well?

any advice appreciated.

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Bosch is a good OEM brand but the best sparks to use on these cars are either Denso(Toyota) or NGK plugs they work better for the Lexus engines and for the oil any 5w-30 or 10w-40 oil meeting API-SJ or API-SL should be fine but lean towards 5w-30 spec if you can for better flow into crital engine parts during cold/freezing morning starts.

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Don't use Bosch plugs! I did and I got a misfire on cylinder 1. I don't know why but other people have reported problems with Bosch plugs in an IS200 also.

I Changed to Denso plugs, cleared the fault code and has been fine for the last 5 months.

As Noby says use Denso (OEM) or NGK.

I also use Castrol magnatec oil :)

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Good to know.

I'm just gathering bits and pieces to do a full service.

Full service has been done a couple of thousand miles ago according to the books that came with my car but I like to start off knowing it has been done and done right.

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Ray, the gearbox and rear axel oil is changeable on the IS and should be done every 20k... Not a difficult job but just check if yours has an LSD or not

Cheers Mr. Transporter.

Blimey, I used to change my box oil every 100K... That was on a SFL auto box though.

I do know the IS has a LSD so I'll have a look into oils for both diff and box.

Is there some sort of dip stick for the gearbox oil. On my BMW there isn't as it's supposed SFL but that's only guaranteed for 120K.

The gearbox isn't clunky on the IS tbh so maybe they've dropped the oil/fluid at services.

It has full Lexus/Toyota service history up to 89K and is now on 96K

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If you have a manual I recommend changing the gear box oil and diff oil. I did mine and changing gear is much smoother. Still clunks 1st to 2nd but not as bad :)


Do I need special tools to do this or just ordinary stuff?

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Honestly Ray, no idea. Sorry bit mis leading, what I should have said was I paid Lexus to do it for me. Had the 10 year/100k service done in October.

Lexus were only a few £ dearer than an independent and they changed 3 bulbs for free (2 inside and a number plate light) and threw in a free air filter (£30 normally from Lexus) as they don't do this on the 100k? But I asked nicely and I'd put a bit of buisness their way with new keys and aux belts. it also came back spotless inside and out and even the boot as I got some mud in there from my footy boots. I was very happy and it was like getting a new car :)

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Cheers Chris,

I'll be doing the servicing myself to save some pennies. It has done 96K with FSH and I can't see it adding any value (if there is) to the car if I get Lexus to service it.

I was quite shocked to find an invoice for £499 from Lexus in the service history just to change the cambelt and water pump.

Also wanted to ask you what TTE is. I know it's Toyota Team Europe but is it the body kit name on 200 's as well?

No idea what mine is apart from Sport..


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Fair enough. I wish I had the know how but I am learning. Changed my own brake pads a few months ago! Lol :) I only took it to Lexus as my dad paid for the service as a wedding present :)

Got ripped off for cambelt lol, I had the same done at Lexus for £390.

You could get styling kits as optional extras as i understand it. TTE or TRD are the ones I know of. Don't know if there were more. Mine had the TTE kit fitted and I have TTE badge on my rear spoiler EAEA3027-3BEC-4D44-B3D8-163085DC913F-2450-00000406F2CDC77F_zps093db899.jpg

There's nothing different under the bonnet. I have the same engine as you and the same level of trim inside as a Sport. Yours looks like TRD bumpers at the front and side skirts. Not seen many with that spoiler. Gotta be honest, not a fan :whistling:

Mine also came with 18" aero wheels which were an optional extra. :)

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I think they changed some tensioners with the cambelt and water pump for that 499 but ridiculous still. There's loads of receipts in the wallet with staggering numbers all from Lexus and Toyota main dealers.

I need some aeros under mine but it won't be anytime soon. Need to save pennies to pay and build a 2nd 'shed' first.

Might gather some more bits for the service today.

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