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My previous GS300 (07 plate) developed a hissing sound from the behind the dash that was intermittent and sounded almost like there was a fly trapped in there. My dealer said they knew what it was and how to fix it, but this involved complete dash removal and a quote of £450 for the labour! I passed on that, but clearly it is a known defect. Just bought another GS300 (09 plate) and this one is now doing it too. Anyone have a similar problem and know what causes it?

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I wish you well my friend, I bought my GS new in 2007, and developed a creak from top of dash, near the 'A' pillar, and creaks further along the dash to its centre. This only happens in cold weather when temperature drops to about 7 degrees. Once the car warms up inside the problem doesn't go away, but is let noticeable. I took mine back to Supplying dealer, Lexus Birmingham on three occasions, and they allege they removed dashboard to replace some padded clips, but I am sceptical, as it has continued, and they were obviously incapable of solving it. I did point out that I don't need to spend £40k to buy a car with creaks!

I have now had my car approaching 6 yrs, and am so used to it, don't notice it anymore, just turn the music up. The one creak that does annoy me is from the little box that hols the folding mirrore, p/ sensors etc. I resolve this creak by leaving it open whilst driving.

I think from reading LOC reports, this is a Lexus that probably wasn't quite up to the 'Pursuit of Perfection' but must be a good car, kept it 6 yrs.

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I'm not buying another one.......mine is always serviced by no compromise in maintenance.

My Mark 2 GS, was flawless.

Mark 3 ....since in my ownership of 4 years:

3 Oxygen Sensors Replaced

Drivers seat removed and replaced due to squeaking (at cost!)

Constant rattles from passengerside dashboard area

New catalytic convertor and part of corroded exhaust replaced

Offside balljoint replaced

Motor in wingmirror stopped working.

It's a bloody shame bcause the car still looks brand new, strong motor and good MPG. But my 2002 reg Renault trafic has been more reliable.

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Blimey Tony, no wonder your disillusioned, that's quite a list, and a cost. How many miles has yours done when all this happened?

Mine currently at 44k, but I will change next year. I must confess that I would love to buy another, but I too am having second thoughts. I wasa bit naffed a couple of months ago when I had all the Xmas light come on, abs, traction, engine management etc. Took it to Lexus, and 2.5k for 2 oxygen sensors and ECU. Because full lexus history reduced to 1200 quid. But after conversation with PJS on this site, spent 25 quid on new petrol cap, and problem solved, all light gone. Apparently Lexus have never heard of this, but call me a sceptic, but 1200 quid is better that a 25 quid fix. The owners club uk and US is awash with the petrol cap fix. This having been said, is there any other franchise dealer out there that would not take this opportunity to write their own cheque? The pursuit of Perfection or Creating Amazing?

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Yes I know the problem. I fancy a change to a 4x4 but the RX is too expensive for me, or too many miles on the clock for the price being asked. I too like the freelander, but the dealers don't fare we'll with the owners. I am considering the new Hyundai Santa Fe, I just worry that being diesel I don't do enough mile a year, don't want the DPF problems....choices choices, perhaps it comes with age but nothin really excites me. I do like the new GS but having seen them drop 10k on fealers forecourts since June, I am now unsure!

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Larryadler mate, i used to take my ls430 to Birmingham Lexus, but not anymore. Most of the time i dont think they do the work they say the will, and they are overpriced. I take mine to lexus sheffield. Okay its over an hour drive but well worth it because they are also cheaper than Birmingham Lexus. An example at birmingham Lexus a vsv to replace on my ls430 £679. At sheffield Lexus £359 all in. Thats just one example.

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Share on other sites quote a phrase " I don't beleive it" Xmas morning and "check vsc" back traction control...ideal this time of year. I wish someone could explain to me why this is happening every 4-6 Months. It's taking the P**s now.....if it's one of the 3 oxygen sensors changed in the last 12 Months will they be covered under warranty?

Merry soddin xmas. :megaangry:

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Seasons greetings Tony, I know the feeling when all the Xmas tree lights come on, pound signs

Don't know if you have tried it, but if not humour me. Take off the petrol cap, and spray the rubber seal with a silicone spray, something like ' Son of a gun' or failing that a light coating of Vaseline, just to make an airtight seal. When you screw the cap on make sure it clicks at leat twice, and is tight. Now try if you still have the lights?

If that solves you problem, spend 25 quid n a new Lexus OEM petrol cap.

I am guessing that these lights come on when the seal is broken, as the tank is pressurised, and too much oxygen effects the sensors, see the US websites. Just out of interest, have you recently filled the tank prior too the light coming on?

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Hi Larry,

Seasons greeting to you too...

The Lights came on after 300 miles on the same tank of fuel.

This Morning I appied some vaseline to said gasket on petrol cap, also disconnected the Battery for 15 mins. So far 3 start stop trips and no Lights. Will keep you posted as to how long this "fix" lasts. .......

Find it unbelievable that something like a petrol cap can render a car with such lights and unsafe to drive with no traction control, and if this does fix the issue also makes me wonder if I am being taken for a ride by Lexus after having spent well over £1000 on bloody oxygen sensors in the past.

Thanks for your advice.

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So sorry rarcher...this most be terrible for you and sooooo inconvienient.

I to suffered with a hissing noise from behind the dash with a previous car, removed this after looking under bonnet (see photo) and the hissing went away pretty much instantly. :hohoho: snake_zpsc506dde8.jpg

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Sorry rarcher, we got carried away with trying to save each other money. I think we agree that the dash problem is ireditory to th Mk3, and don't think there is a cheap fix, unless you have warranty. Will move this to new thread of Vsc/petrol cap

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Hi rarcher, I had a GS300 on a 55 plate and the rattles started to get so bad that it felt the dash was going to fall on my knees when driving. I visited my local Lexus who quoted approx £600 but will not gurantee the rattles will not reoccur. Prior to that, the dash had come out twice for the same issue. I go so disappointed and sold the car for the E class. The Merc feels well put together and does not rattle even for a diesel.

Contact Lexus GB and see if they can at least split the cost considering the original materials used are of poor quality.

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