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Why Ask Stupid Questions On E-Bay?


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Had some half leathers on e-bay for £50, Bear in mind add clearly stated front and back seats only.

1. would you split front seats.....err no at £50 bargain anyway.

2. is the carpet and trims included? no add states seats only.

3. Are you going to accept £30 its all ive got in paypal???? save more pennies then.

4. Can you bring them to me cos i need help fitting them.......

and the all time classic...

Will they fit a 2 door ford escort? and give enough clearance cos he still needs to get in back seats???

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Will they fit a 2 door ford escort? and give enough clearance cos he still needs to get in back seats???


You should've bought a breaker with full leather Ian... :whistling:

definately Ray, will make sure next one has.if wife lets me break is full of bits....

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Selling the IS on eBay and on Pistonheads..

Cars priced at £3000.

ebay- had an offer of £1300 (as thats all its worth apparantly)

ph- had an offer of £2500 (so getting better), but in CASH!!!- wow, I wasnt expecting that! I did reply back asking what other currency he had (just in case it was better), i mean, its not like I wanted 3000 bags of crisps now...

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LOL, £1300....... theres some idiots for sure, they would be better off sticking with their saxo ect.

like the bit about cash not crisps, did he reply...

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I once completed an on-site job and they wanted to pay me in stamps... :wacko: (not on the floor, those sticky things)

Legal tender apparantly that can be exchanged for cash at a post office...

Unlike Space Raiders- I did try....


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I got my best one yet this morning!!

Here you go:

Hi mate, I would like to make you an offer of 2250 or 2,000+ my 1999 Toyota starlet 1,3 sr motd and tax'd.

To discuss please call me on 0790903XXXX/ 077963XXX25. I would like to make the payment in cash or bank transfer and not through paypal.

Many thanks for your help.


Anyone after a Toyota Starlet?- apparantly worth around £250....

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He has replied to my reply now:


Dear dj_scully,

Thanks for your kind offer- if you were in my position, what would you do?- thought not..


Hi Mate!

How are you?

What is you last price? I would be happy to give you £3,000 if you got the wheels in the photo. The wheels are worth £600 to £700. You can call me on 0790903XXXXXX to discuss the sale.

Mine(and losing patience...)


Not sure if you read or understood the listing?

Wheels have been sold.

Price is on the listing.

You would have done better actually making an effort to view the car before making (the first ridiculous) offer- do you really think anyone would really want a Toyota Starlet in part exchange??

If you are serious, come and view dont waste my time and yours on pointless email exchanges...

All typed with my happy face on...

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Think thats the way you have to answer them, or they will just keep with the stupid offers.

Last one ive just had was a ghanian person bought a coil pack for £10 and wanted my bank details.......wont pay by paypal...Now ive got to mess about claiming fee,s ect back.

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