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  1. I have an 08 IS250 SE-L. I've left if for over two weeks whilst being away on holiday, business or whatever. Never had a problem with the battery or starting in the way being described. In fact it was parked for 8 days in an Alpine resort last winter in temperatures as low as -20 Celsius and under 2 feet of snow by the end of the week. There was no problem in getting it started at all (thankfully I'd left the snow chains on as well, so getting it moving wasn't a drama either). Just my tuppence worth.
  2. I have to say I don't agree so far, my old IS220d was much more stable. Taking bends at higher speed in the 250 feels like I am in a boat! Tyre pressures are correct, maybe it is just a soft suspension but I don't have anything like the same confidence in the 250 as I did in my 220d unfortunately, and it is certainly less fun! No doubt the 250 is built for civilised comfort only...? Re the previous post, as an Advanced and "response" trained police driver I do know how to take bends but (just for example) in the "quick flowing series of fast bends" type roads which usually suit and allow continuous on/off throttle control mid corner it just does not feel right at all, as I say the car is rocking like a boat and does not feel glued to the road like other cars I drive, maybe it is just a characteristic I need to get used to or maybe a sporty Beemer would suit my driving style better (I'm not a mad boy racer though, always drive to the car and conditions - honest!) Hmm. Interesting. I've had both as well. My 250 handles every bit as well as the 220 I had - well, it did up until I changed the tyres recently. On the new tyres (Dunlop Sport Maxx as per the originals) it feels like it's all over the place and it now tramlines in a way it never did before. Bloody horrible. I suspect it's the tyres but also wonder if the front is out of alignment after hitting a pot hole or ten recently. The only other thing I've noticed is that the fronts are ZR rated as opposed to R rated originals (both the original and new sets of rears are R rated). Would this make such a difference?
  3. AFS is turned on and off in the menu where you set the rev tac etc.. Learn something every day :)
  4. It's the adaptive lighting - beam turns with the steering wheel. Surely you'll have to do something as our lights point left (unless that's changed recently) - I think BMWs have a switch to knock the beam straight but not sure if Lexus has something similar. Ahh the adaptive lighting - thought that was what was meant - hadn't seen the acronym before though (not that I remember anyway) let alone a way of switching it off! The thing with the Xenon beams is that they're really quite flat (horizontally) and don't appear to be as directional as standard headlights (certainly those with lenses). I suppose there is a bias to the left but it doesn't seem that obvious to me.
  5. I can't say I've ever heard that before. I take mine abroad quite a lot but haven't yet used beam deflectors on it. I'm conscious of the problem of dazzling on-coming drivers but, to date, haven't been flashed by anybody (not that that really means anything I guess). How do you turn off AFS (what is AFS?) anyway?
  6. I run mine on both - sometimes at the same time. It doesn't seem to care. With respect to a mixed tank though... I often put Shell v-power in the tank. There have been occasions where I've added half a tank of Esso standard unleaded. Why am I telling you this? Well because this mix gives me 41 / 42 MPG on a motorway at 'normal' speeds. At first I thought I was imagining things but I've tried a 50/50 mix several times now it always seems to give the same results. A full tank of either usually yields 35 - 38 MPG. Go figure. Maybe it's a combination of the various additives that does the trick.
  7. I think it's same as a 20K service. I've just had a 40K done but as I'm on a service plan I didn't have a bill to pay.
  8. The correct figures are 35psi front and 38psi rear (if your wheels are 17" that is) for normal use. Re: the discs though. I'm having the same issue. Just had 40K service and was told that the front discs were lipped and need replacing. The pads are 70% worn. The woman I spoke to at Lexus Wolves told me that 40K was good for front disc life. Ho hum. They want £360 or so to replace the discs and pads. :shutit:
  9. Interesting stuff about the front discs. I've just had a 40K service on my IS250 @ Lexus Wolverhampton. They told me that I'll be needed new front pads and discs in the next 3K - 4K miles. Expected cost is in the order of £360. Wolves seem to be a pretty good dealership but discs wearing out this early seems quite odd to me. There's another thread about this on here somewhere I think, saying that the disc replacement is a warranty item. Can this be true?
  10. I tried to do this myself too. Gave up in the end and had the dealer do it at service time. No charge.
  11. I had a 220D, I thought it was a great car but at the same time I felt it was robbing me with every tank of fuel I put in. So I did change it ... for an IS250 which is just the dogs bollocks. My only regret is not buying the IS250 in the first place. :)
  12. I got 36,500 miles out of my original Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres. Just last week I changed them for another set (£400) and had no problem in getting hold of them through my local supplier.
  13. I managed 45.8 out of mine over 190 miles between Gillingham and Dudley on Sunday. Not bad for a 2.5 V6 :)
  14. Before I try this, are you sure this works on the SE? I had a feeling it wasn't a function on this model but on the SE L. Thanks. This didn't work for me at all.
  15. I definitely want ACC on my next car. I wanted it on the 250 but couldn't quite make the numbers work. Ho Hum
  16. Sorry mate but that's a load of tosh about the iPhone. I've had no such problems with call clarity over the bluetooth connection and certainly can't agree that having the phone in your pocket or elsewhere 'hidden' causes it to be invisible. I've left mine in a bag in the boot before now, not realised, and no connectivity problems at all. I'd suggest you may have another problem (can't think what though). And how you can think it's no good for texting I have no idea.
  17. I have to admit to casting the odd admiring glance at the A5. It'll probably be my next car when the Lexus deal ends.
  18. I think the point there was that you shouldn't be using petrol at all in your diesel motor.
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