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  1. hi john ,the labour on mine was, with paint ect ,£435. but this included repairing the stretcher that runs along the bottom and paint .I must admit they did a stonking job.
  2. hi john total back on the road £498+100 vat did it this way as car still in warranty,and being done by lexus, fully guaranteed,hope this helps
  3. hi john,had mine done last year oct 18, same car as you,2016gs. snapped at the bottom on both sides [my fault going tight into grass on car park,into hidden stone kerbing,]lexus hull did a good job ,it is fixed from behind so they had to take whole front off .the bottom stretcher across was cracked, they fixed that as well, did excellent job. hope that helps you.
  4. clean old soft paint brush about one inch,iv'e cut the bristles on mine down a bit to make it stiffer get into all nooks and crannies
  5. hi all, solved internal glass cleaning very easy,told her indoors couldnt clean it was leaving streaks she went out ,bucket warm water vinigar ,wash leather .job done ,[and was smear free] sorted .
  6. hi ,just read the thread on wipers ,changed mine just before winter [dec] started,as they swiped they left like misted windows, foggy,all the way home down a63 terrible noisy.went to clean car screen found like a glaze on screen so cleaned with 000 steel wool whole screen ,then with clearglass window cleaner. now no noise and smooth operation,hope this helps
  7. sorry for delay in answering, but been down with the bug ,on return trip from Manchester car seemed to be very sluggish needing a lot of revs to get/keep going.put it into sport to use paddles through road works, kept in gear 2/3 whilst clear of road works.when onto unrestricted road went upto 70[honest] car was feeling better in fact a lot better,back in drive car as should be .no more problems. next day car behaving as should so far, as you recall weather just before exmas was spring like ? been out sat/sun heavy frost but every thing ok .reading your reply's and LEXUS hull [just a satisfied customer] I am putting it down as stuck brakes .regards polish p.s happy new year
  8. merry exmass to one and all , Informed by daughter that I was to play father Christmas this year to the grand kids. [they live in Manchester] all parcells duly picked up wrapped from various outlets ,one more to pick up t, r, us, Scunthorpe. jumped in car, started ,into reverse let go the brakes engine revs and there is no movement,no brakes on no electronic brakes on .nothing then a loud bang., car shot backwards at full tilt,had to stamp on brakes fast .sat for a moment thought it was stuck brakes, into drive and gingerly try car ,seems ok drive down to lights ,sit there.when lights change car again ,NO GO revs rise again then again loud bang car shoots forwards [not good image of one year old LEXUS,]. anyway turned around got home phoned up hull LEXUStold the story asked me to come straight in did a full check on car brakes found nothing wrong no sticking pins ect.car running perfect went home .next day 23 car was ok sunday drove [crawled] to Manchester on m62 car faultless and has been up to now? has anybody else had or heard of this before old friend said it could be the steel band in the cvt box .any info would be good thanks all ,PS must put a big thanks for HULL lexus put themselves out for me at closing time and the offer of a curtesy car .
  9. HI Allan, my GS 66reg also reads out text , all I ever did was Bluetooth my phone to the car. every thing worked . all I do is press the phone icon on the steering wheel for it to begin, hope this helps.
  10. same here had Volvo for 20 years then RX lexus[3]then had drive in GS loved it ? so I bought one lovely car,every time I drive it I have big grin on my face .Norman go for a drive and watch the faces of the posers with there X5 dower I would say , give it another go or try another car then get back into yours sorted .good luck
  11. hi all interesting thread, my first Lexus was a 400 a.w.d then 2 450h the last one grey /grey was excellent could not fault it in any respect, BUT there was allways something missing?. I have allways had sports cars [ tryumph] upto getting married at 45 then saloons, jags/tryumphs 2 ford v6s in south Africa then back here Volvo v70 but something was allways niggling me .service came GS 300 was the car I was given to run around in ,problem solved I felt at home straight away ,car as the RX is faultless but when I drive the GS I allways get out with a big SMILE on my face now done 3000+ miles readout on dash 52.5 MPG, just had a key dragged down near side front curtesy of some brain dead moron in scarborough.this now fixed with my tame local sprayer PHIL. thanks pal .hope that tries to explain how I feel [would still like a red triangle throu]. polish
  12. welcome you can set the auto lock in settings also voice. I asked my dealer for a user manual and they ordered it for me ,took two wks, but found it invaluable plenty to look at ,polish
  13. steady there boys ,the car looks great, period, your pleased with it . it looks fine to me ,so lets stay nice and friendly . this is an informative sight and lets not start getting shirty .everyones opinion counts, some are more informed than others share your knowledge to the rest of us mortals .
  14. old newspapers are great at cleaning and polishing glass. I'm so doddery now that my other half cleans the inside of the car warm water/VINIGAR is what she uses, handed down through the female line, never argue screen always clear and bright never any residue left on glass .
  15. congrats rayaans , love the rose leather ,that's what I wanted in my GS 300h , but lost out to her indoors! as she says you drive and watch the road. hope you post some nice picks when you've valeted it properly .
  16. very nice and nostalgic, mine was AM db2/4 or Alvis td 21 convertible 1962 lovely car local doc had one .wouldn't sell when I came out of forces .now I just keep dreaming
  17. hi I would check on honest john regards warranty claims and electric gremlings my nephew ,bough one [big works bonus] had it for 2 years . It was in garage 7months twice called me to pick him up[ RX450h] he now runs GS, that's why I changed after driving his GS . any way good luck with car hope you have deeper pockets than with the Lexus .ps pick up was when he broke down ?
  18. i have 1864 miles on clock now car getting better the more I use it, tank readout on dash gives me 48.7 this is on last run to scarborough at 60mph car with just me and wife . only fault was noise from tyres [standard dunlops 17 inch] this was due in most part from bad road surface, bonus on run found the newly improve dab service in this part of Yorkshire gave exelent sound with NO fade. polish
  19. Hi ALAN my man at hull says the beeps are speed camera's,allso the last 2 GS models have it fitted so you should have it didn't know if it could be turned off .B
  20. hi Rado , I had the same feeling that something was holding me back . I did a few checks and came up with the hold button was active even when I had set off,[I thought it self released] I pressed the button again and the car speeded up ?. I tried it again same thing. don't no if yours will react the same but worth a try
  21. Alan , hi been reading manual but cannot find reference to beeps, rang local dealer but had no idea, the chappy who is clued up about the system was off work. next time in hull will pop in for a coffee and ask again, he's very good ,My RX which I traded in did nit have this on the system [2013] so it may be only on the latest models. will let you know when I find out.regards polish ps enjoy your holls
  22. thank peter, never though of speed camera's should be safe from the greedy , never speed with the kids in the car.was heavy traffic so wasn't going fast.
  23. hi guys, just took grandkids back to skelmersdale, going down m62 j27 leeds I got 2 quick beeps through the audio. This happened twice more about 5 miles apart. this was both going and coming back,checked manual but could not find any reference to this ,car still new to me ,still finding things out.my old rx did not have this on ,any idea's what this is. thanks in anticipation. polish
  24. I think I must have a very well set up car ,it holds the road a lot better than the RX it replaced. Before I moved to Lexus I ran Volvo for many years last one was S80 fine car. theGS is on a par with theS80 but is a lot quieter. The only time I have had a noisy ride so far was a patch on the M18 very old course surface, wind noise was an issue for me in the RX but this car very quiet, I have not seen the lux version so carn't comment, but my three gandkids fit ok,thats all i'm botherd about . my onley criticism so far ,may be i'm wrong but it could do with larger electric moter,better qualified people will no dought tell me so .