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  1. Anyone had their recall done at Lexus Bristol Yet? And if so what are your thoughts as mine is yet to be done and not yet booked it in anywhere and don't expect a call from any Lexus dealer to get in touch as I have only owned the car since Aug this year! paul m.
  2. Here is a 220d Owners first post! Not the best way to get introduced into a owners club forum but hopefully ends well. (The problem will not arise with 250.)
  3. Please anyone Don't get the wrong end of the stick! Shahpor you obs do have some technical ability and yes I too cringe when I come across people that do not know the basic's, which you and I take for granted, Apparently there is no such thing as Common Sense but when trying to help someone who doesn't know how to use a pair of mole grips or fix a puncture on a push bike it is quite hard to know sometimes what level to go down to. Like I said it is these people who pay someone to do the basic's ( I really did see someone in a cycle shop wanting a puncture fixed) but I am not well heeled and would prefer not to pay for something I believe I can do myself ( fitted kitchen,bathroom,loft conversion,two storey extension, detatched garage to name a few) No offence but most builders and mechanics don't look like brain suregons ie it's mostly knowledge but and there is a but, unlike a former work colleague I draw the line at DIY dentistry!!! I digress sorry back to cars... The 250 I now have is the most well built,highest performing and luxurious car I have ever owned. But I have looked and John Haynes OBE in his wisdom back in the day decided not to get a Lexus and tear it apart taking pictures and taking notes along the way. So This forum and all its contributors are going to be a big part of the knowledge base required to enable me to maintain my car! Hopefully just regular maintenance and not anything catastrophic! cheers Paul m.
  4. Yes, that's fair IF you got a warranty that's gonna cover it but I personally have never subscribed to paid for warranties and when it comes to repairs I am very reticent to 'get someone in' ( apart from anything to do with mains gas installations!). I have over the years fixed countless domestic appliances and have always maintained my ( and rest of families) vehicles. Upto purchasing my current 250 I have never bought a car that had Less than 100,000 miles on the clock and needless to say they all needed some kind of work along the way if not just for MOT's and as I have never sold a car ( keep them until they fall apart ie silly money to get through a MOT) the continuation of the full Lexus service history I got with this 250 is prob not going to be continued, but the maintaince is going to be done by me and I will have the self satisfaction of really knowing the history of the work. Hopefully this one is going to take some serious time before it starts to 'fall apart' ( if I got anything to do with it anyway!) gotta say I do find it quite funny/annoying/frustrating when I come across people (read drivers) who don't have a single clue of what is going on under the bonnet of the thing they rely on so very much everyday. While I accept that it takes all sorts to make the world go round and it may be beyond the realms of some then I guess that it is these types that keep the likes of Kwik Rip and Halfrauds in Business! That Was a Rant and now it's over......I'll get me coat and be gone in a mo. paul m.
  5. Note: although Lexus report that the calipers need replacing this might not actually be the only course of action, if the fault is 'sticky' slide pins then these may be removed cleaned and re-greased in many occasions but Lexus will not advocate this and will go down the re-new option. Like 'Verbout' I would not simply allow them to carry out the work on their say so and would investigate myself first.
  6. Might be tempted to get something like this ( prob not much more expensive than ONE washer from Lexus!!!) as I normally expect sump plugs to be sealed with copper or rubber/metal washers. or with the same spec's as posted by is200 Newbie these paul m.
  7. Not had the pleasure of doing an oil change yet but is that washer an OEM part as I am surprised it is not copper, with those sizes I expect it could be a lot cheaper from a plumbers merchants instead of from Lexus themself! paul m.
  8. Question? Is that oil as Black and contaminated as it looks? Or is it a trick of the light? I would expect it to be Guiness like if you had a 220D but a clean living SE-L no, what sort of mileage/type of driving have you done since last oil change? I intend changing my oil every 5,000 miles ( which could amount to 18 months some times) and don't expect it to come out looking like yours! paul m.
  9. Probably will end up with same result using all these, only with very sensitive or super expensive kit would I recommend spending excessive amounts on something that you may end up never using again! Paul m.
  10. Here's one and another pays yer money takes yer choice!!!
  11. Gotta chip in here and say please do lots of homework before getting the DERV version, Lexus were running with the flock back when the motor manufactures were let's say encouraged to make diesel versions of their range and unfortunately the D version was the worst car Lexus ever put their badge on, no surprise they were one of the first to discontinue diesel options. So again please do more research and don't get disillusioned with the Lexus brand when you have got a troublesome diesel! ( for troublesome read expensive to maintain) Also Lexus are renowned for the silky smooth auto boxes and to choose to have a manual does detract slightly from the whole Lexus ethos I feel. ( just my opinion, and the diesel was manual only-tells you something right there, I guess that Lexus wish that the diesel were badged with a completely different name altogether back on the day!) my two penneth worth, paul m.
  12. So, you now have folding mirrors upon locking the car yes? Does this happen only when the double locking feature is used? Or on the first stage locking? Also I have been warned that perhaps when it is very cold and if the mirrors get frozen up quite tight then it may may be prudent to turn Off this feature to prevent overloading the mechanism. paul m.
  13. Gov Uk Mot site

  14. Lots and I mean Lots of fixings but it doesn't look that a daunting a job!!
  15. Going from your recent experience of very poor standard of workmanship following the original replacement of headlight unit then I would take a guess that perhaps the access cover may not be fitted 100% correctly to the rear of the headlight unit and this has now come to light ( excuse the pun) after washing your car ( when you take a very much more closer inspection of the finish of all components) by the presence of moisture which can't readily evaporate, this is of course if there is not any sort of failure ( stone chip damage ) of the exterior glass headlight unit. paul m.
  16. Pretty sure I have read somewhere ( could be ClubLexus) that there are No codes required for the Lexus audio equipment. paul m.
  17. I never had auto fold on locking mirrors on my 2007 SE-L ( I think it was added around 2009?) so I invested in a PO-40 module to achieve this. Had a slight hiccup after fitting in that the mirrors only folded upon Double Locking the car ( something I don't always do -naughty boy!) but I wanted them to fold on 1st stage locking so I could see from a distance that the car was at least locked to 1st stage! see my thread here Cheers Paul M.
  18. "Deposit Taken". Someone's going for it!
  19. Did the ad actually state 'Done by a Lexus mechanic' , big difference to done by Lexus my mistake, just re-read the ad, Dohhh! paul m
  20. Found this.... gotta love the homemade 'Claymore' pic in the comments!!! paul m.
  21. But thinking about it as soon as you take it out of reverse then the mirrors will reset to their normal positions! paul m.
  22. Comedian, could you please check your RC-F manual for me and I'll have another go but yours being a 2015 might be different to my 2007 but I hope not! paul m.
  23. I have tried this procedure and my mirrors don't seem to want to accept the 'new' position I put them in while in reverse. Pretty sure I am doing the sequence right and the mirrors do have full range of movement with joypad so not a mechanical issue I think? any pointers anyone? paul m.
  24. Looks good, but don't be tempted to throw away the plastic mount, I reckon it must be plastic coated gold! See here for price
  25. Yes, fair point but if your recommendation is carried out then hopefully a window 'reset' will alieviate the OP problem, however the number plate point was close to home for me anyhow and a quick direct response on that particular topic would have been suitable ( for me anyhow) paul m.