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  1. Is 250 II brakes upgrade

    If you get your skates on ( got until 9pm tonight) you could get some Brembo pads for the front for less than £25 and the discs will be £54 to see if that makes a difference from EuroCar Parts using discount code " FLASH50 " at checkout. 50% off Brakes til 9pm gotta be worth a look for anyone else who likes getting their hands dirty! Or if you want Genuine Lexus parts that's gonna be £170 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Lexus-Front-Discs-Pads-IS250-IS220d-IS300h-43512-30310/182293784294?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Not sure what you are running with at the moment but as the fronts do a massive amount of braking compared to the back I would start with some known good stuff before major alterations. paul m.
  2. ok mate, do you clean EGR now and again? I Don't know anyone who has ever used TerraClean personally so I would do more homework on that one. paul m.
  3. Pink with blue spots looks excellent in the dark as well! Know what I mean? paul m.
  4. IS250 SE-L Newbie

    I think they might be a little upset at the price of 4 new Lexus alloys compared to the Ford ones but I ain't going there anyway! paul m.
  5. IS250 SE-L Newbie

    I am also looking to get my wheels 'refurbished' and have been looking around so when you mentioned the company above I have to reply and say it is one I am steering away from (see what I done there!) because of this on another forum I have been on since 2006. if you read the thread to the end you will see that it works out in the end but absolutely not a way I want to go about it. http://www.talkford.com/community/topic/334457-wheel-refurb-help-with-claim-for-new-wheels/ paul m.
  6. MOT History... MOT 17/11/2008 Then. MOT. 20/11/2008. 280 miles and 3 days later??? Nov 08 - Nov 09 clocked up just a smidge under 40,000 miles! ( that's more than my 11 year old 250 got in total!) Nov 11 to Nov 24 2008 clocked just under 2,000 miles ( in about 12 days!) mileages on 24 June 2011 MOT Fail then Pass don't add up! ( MOTed mid year for some reason, then back to about Nov?) why would you mot a car ( apart from selling point for change of owner ) in mid year? Only thing I can think of is what happened to my Mondeo, uneconomical to repair no fault insurance claim then bought back for scrap then fixed ( new rear bumper!) then had to mot it to be able to put in back on road, I'm not saying this is the case For this car But if change of owners line up with mot's then that a bit better. might be a decent car as it seems it never had chance to breakdown! 😀 But I feel that a owner ( Lexus especially) that wants to sell their car should really 'sell it' if you know what I mean, and the photos don't do it any justice. Paul m.
  7. A quick hello from a new member

    Did you drive home A27, 259 as that looks like a sweet mini road trip or did you cruise on the longer M way route? paul m
  8. Prob been removed due to water building up in the spare wheel well due to a leak (boot seal rubber ?) so If you lose the bungs then the water is not gonna build up, just pass straight out! A fix of sorts but best to stop water getting into car in the first place! what you really want to see is the bungs in place and Dry dust in the spare wheel well then this indicates alls good as it has not just been cleaned out! paul m.
  9. So.... How is the front of your car fairing up now? A few hours after your simple fix, I hope it worked as I love it when a seemingly potentially expensive and complicated problem gets a simple cheap fix ( not something most people would associate with Lexus!) paul m.
  10. Fair enough, was under the impression it would get MOTed on purchase but with those lighting faults may be an expensive MOT pass therefore the SAS! Plenty more fish and all that! paul m.
  11. Basically been averaging about 5k a year which is way below norm. But the only thing that would need a real close inspection for me would be the front shock advisories ( have they been replaced or not just picked up on since?) and the oil leak. Otherwise seems a lot of car for the money ( still haggle down a bit though) and should last a good few years/miles if nurtured. paul m.
  12. You don't really want one that doesn't need anything doing to it do you? you want to get up close and personal and have an input on it's wellbeing? From the faults you highlighted then these seem like 'leisurely' fixes ie not as stressful as a head gasket for example. Did/do you intend actually doing the work yourself or 'Subbing' it out as this could add up ££££'s wise? Reason I ask is I will do almost all jobs myself even if it means getting (special) tools. I (usually!) have a great feeling of self satisfaction afterwards especially if you intend keeping a car until it rots this helps a great deal. Did you feel there was any room for manoeuvre on the asking price when you highlighted the faults? As you may have got closer to a grand than you think! paul m. just re-read your post and gotta agree that 'bubbling on edge of windscreen' would irk me somewhat, about the only thing I don't take on is paint!.
  13. Can't get much better than a LOC member with a personal experience endorsement! Gonna bookmark that seller for future! paul m.
  14. Good feeling knowing it has been done correctly and bonus getting the ECP discounts when they come along! Having said that there is always a discount available ( just depends on the amount) so never pay full price, just sign up for email newsletters and wait a day or two for a bargain to come along. Personally just got a Duracell battery (5 yr Gtee) for daughters car for £43 instead of £86 in a 50% off 2 hour window offer! paul m.
  15. *don't ' belive' be sure to check the small print!
  16. 20 ft/lbs ? How so when the spec is equivalent to 29 ft/lbs. If one was to not fit a new washer then I could understand the slightly reduced torque setting as the old washer will have no 'give', but with a new washer being fitted then it may need the full 29 ft/lbs to bed in. paul m.
  17. At the end of the day it has only got to hold 'itself' there, not like a head bolt for example. paul m.
  18. Info you are looking for is here http://workshop-manuals.com/lexus/ls_430/v8-4.3l_(3uz-fe)/maintenance/fluids/engine_oil/component_information/specifications/page_1242/ so Torque: 39 Nm (400 kgf-cm, 29 ft. lbs.) Paul m.
  19. Onge!!!!!! Welcome to the club, come on in...😀😀 you havin' problems with your DERV 250!!! paul m. (TEXas)
  20. Starter motor keeps cranking

    Agreed on the photos ( shame it's a perfectly serviceable relay though!) and dare I say it looking forward the the same high quality when Swann55 produces a 'How To' after he has removed his starter and swapped out the solenoid contacts 😀😀 only joking ( would be nice though) as I understand it to be a pita job and to capture on camera at the same time is a bit much. paul m.
  21. Starter motor keeps cranking

    +1, that is why the ignition switch is spring loaded at the "Start" position of the key turning action.this is so the starter motor is only energised when you hold the key against the spring tension and ( most people hopefully then) let it return to the "Ignition" posistion once the car is running! Like I said it appears that this is a known problem ( aftermarket kit available indicates this as there must be a market for it!) and quite an easy and inexpensive ( there I said it again!) fix once the starter is on the bench. I have watched a couple of YouToob vids of starter removals on the LS400 series and Even though I don't envy you it looks like a 'doable' job with no special tools required and done from above ( so no raising of vehicle required). it appears that the biggest problem is a pipe at the rear that hinders the fixing bolts to the motor/solenoid unit, but one Vid I watched done the solenoid contact change with the starter/solenoid still fixed to the engine by taking the solenoid cover off. Paul m.
  22. Ls400 ecu

    What it so far as the ECU doesn't monitor itself! And any faults in the ECU fault finding section can't be read? sort of makes sense but a bit of a stab in the dark to think about replacing the ECU, is it just a straight swap out with another suitable ( matching part numbers exactly) ECU or do you have to get involved with ignition / door locks and keys not to mention immobiliser? paul m.
  23. Looks to be a lot of car for not a lot of money, obviously have to stand in front of it as photos are always flattering! As for the coolant 'concern' then like I mentioned here Post #10 It's new owner ( It could be you!) will prob give it a 'shot in the arm' and get everything tickety boo so to speak and that seems quite low miles for its age and therefore no reasonable reason why it shouldn't do another 160k paul m.
  24. Gotta be there somewhere and when manufactures make car wiring looms they do not normally leave 'ends' unnecessarily any longer than absolutely required so it shouldn't be far away! paul m.
  25. New Potential Lexus Owner/Recommendation

    Have a read of this ( in case you haven't already!) https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/lexus/is-2005/ learned a lot ( apart from this forum of course😀) Before I decided I was going to go for a (good as I could get with my budget) SE-L, was a bonus when after travelling a fair few hundred miles looking at 250's one turned up on my doorstep with 38k miles and a Sunroof option ( Lexus call it a Moonroof! For some reason) and when I went and viewed it, it turned out to have the only other option of Active Cruise Control (ACC), so it was sold to the man in the 17 year old Mondeo ( Me) before I even drove it. Only thing is the colour was/ is my least favourite choice - Argento Silver they call it...but matched with the black leather interior ( only choice for me) I can live with it....Don't tell the missus but I'm looking at ISF's but with only one eye at the moment!!! Best of luck hunting and it seems that for some reason there are lots of really good SE-L coming up all the time at the moment. paul m. PS got mine at BMC!