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A Bit of Bling: Always Good for the Soul - LS460

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Found these chromed plastic mirror covers on E Bay (as usual),  cost £46 with free P&P, took just 8 days from Tiawan.  Came across them also in the US for same price but the seller wanted £48 in postage on top of the £46.   I've had these before for a Jaguar XK from Adamash Ltd a UK company specialising in Jaguar bolt on bits.  Couldn't source these covers in the UK though.

Took 4 mins to fit both sides, just peel off the red 3m tape and offer them over the mirror and push on.  They stick very well and you get one chance only, so be confident when you offer them up. Not to everyone's taste I know but with the chrome window surrounds and handles I think the LS looks OK with these on.    Be gentle with me guys.  


Mirror 1.JPG

Mirror 2.JPG

Mirror 4.JPG

Mirror 5.JPG

Mirror 6.JPG

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Sorry not for me . The only car i like them on is the rs audis . I think because they look like theyre metal. Got silver mirrors on our volvo  s80 lux from standard. I think they look wrong too. Maybe because your car is a dark colour 

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8 hours ago, mikeyv said:

Bet you're glad you asked Steve!!

As long as you're happy, that's all that matters.

Yes.....after all,, you don't ask us about your hair style (you do HAVE hair?). If YOU like it, it's what counts.

I do recall that me LS mirrors' paint resisted bumps quite well (scratches polished out) so wonder how these will fare.

Just keep out of Supermarkets/narrow roads.....

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