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Mk4 - battery swap = radio code?

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Any Mk 4 owners know if removing/swapping the Battery requires a code for the built-in radio?


Am away from home, so can't check if there is a code written or printed in the handbook or service manual.

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Hi Barry

Pretty sure not.

There is an optional self-input security code though for the sat nav unit as theft prevention. It is optional and you can set/not set/change it.

Before you do anything you may want to access the security settings via the unit menu and see if the security feature is on or off. You may be able to switch it off without entering the code given that you have the ignition key - not sure.



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Not sure what a Mk4 is, but in my 2002, I took the Battery out and no ill effects. The clock, stereo etc all go back to zero and need to be reset. Obviously, you then need to lock it manually.

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Security code on the Mark 4 is optional but if it as been applied then disconnecting the Battery will cause a re-insert requirement when reconnected.

If you inadvertently disconnect without having the code there is a dance with the switches routine that reverts the code back to factory setting, so you can start from scratch.

It is in the forum archives .

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 Hello Barry

If you do need a code here is the magic bullet that you will need to use to return your radio to normal running conditions.


Turn the ignition switch to the ON position (combination meter warning lights illuminated)

While pressing CLIMATE and AUDIO switches simultaneously, turn the HEADLIGHT CONTROL SWITCH in the following sequence:


The SYSTEM CHECK will become displayed on the screen. It will take approx. 30 seconds for the check to be completed - the display will change from CHECKING to OK

Once all the function checks display OK then press MENU. The DIAGMENU will be displayed

Starting with the AUDIO button, follow the sequence:


The SECURITY menu will be displayed. Using the numeric keys enter 440215. Press ENTER

The display will return to the DIAGMENU. Switch the IGNITION SWITCH to the OFF position. The security code is now cleared - the unit will operate normally.


Let us know how you get on.



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I can confirm that the instructions given by Redsteve work fine. I had to use it when my Battery was disconnected to change the cambelt. The previous owner had set a code which I didn't have so this method resets the whole thing and turns the code off. It's the sort of thing Lexus would probably charge about £50 for 2 minutes pressing buttons!!!

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That is amazing that someone here can do a complete fix. It would be useful if all this precious data could be added to a Lexus LS data bank of 'how to fix stuff yourself for no money but with a lot of advise'.

Such simple information is priceless and so satisfying when it works.

I still think on the 2002 LS 430 you can disconnect with no problems as I did.

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