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Hi all... Looking for my interim Lexus


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Hi all...

Just joined today in the hope I might be able to get some advice on which bigger (we are a family of 5) Lexus I should be looking at.

Eventually I plan to save up for a ls600h (obviously I will value your input before going ahead), but for the moment I just plan to buy a super-cheap model to see me through (as I'm almost up to my teeth with this brake-shake issue on my current Legacy SpecB which has had so much money thrown at the fix for the past year that I could have saved at least 700£ or so).

Sorry for the abrupt intro and any input appreciated. I will make an appropriate thread in due course.

Once again, greetings...


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Hi Roy... no sorry. It would not allow me to put otger than a lexus in the bit to register (I think)... gs450H is what sparked my attwntion initially but now intent on an ls600h once I've managed to save up for one. For the moment i just need to decide on which older/cheaper midel i might get away with buying...

Like a 'chitty chitty bang bang' if you see what i mean.

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How often are you five up in the car? We're a family of five (two adults, 11yo, 8yo, 6yo) but we're not often all in the car together for long journeys. However, when we are then my new to me GS is more than roomy enough and cost less than the repairs on your Subaru. My family like to complain. A lot. If there wasn't enough room then I'd know about it.

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if SUV is not your cup of tea and are into saloons the GS300 V6 or GS250 V6 has identical boot space to an RX. below are the figures i found but could be inaccurate

2005 -  2011 GS300/GS430 = 430 litres

2012-2018 GS250 = 450 litres

2009 - 2015 RX450h = 446 litres

as you can see there is not much of a difference between the saloon and SUV interns of boot space.


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