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BRAKE warning

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Twice in the last 7 days I have had a brake warning light come up. In the info panel to the left of the Economy/speed dial. What ever is showing goes away and a red rectangle box, approximately 3cms x 1.5cms, appears with BRAKE in red in the box. A warning signal sounds and after about 2 seconds goes back to the info display. I told the dealer last week after the first time and they said it was the forward facing sensor which I found strange as there was nobody near me, I was not convinced. Anyway it happened again today on a clear road to the front and sides and I was not braking.

There is nothing in the handbook and after searching online the only thing it I can find is just the red word BRAKE mentioned but not in a box on a USA model.

it does say I should not drive the car, call recovery and get it taken to the dealer.

Anybody had similar?

Just got off the phone to a dealer and they assure me it’s the forward facing sensor (Lexus badge) he said it may need calibrating.

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I very occasionally get this warning on my LC as a false alarm when the road curves gently and a vehicle is parked on the outside of the bend. I think the radar thinks it is getting a reply from a stationary metal object and gives the warning as the beam sweeps across the field of view. I have never got a warning on a clear road. Back to the dealer, I think.

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The RED Brake Feature activates every time I reverse into my garage & get close to the rear wall.

It also functions if I get too close to the car in front if they have stalled when moving forward etcetera

In both instances it is an abrupt activation to near zero movement.

Only activated twice when travelling forward in traffic as described above with the second incident caused by an Idiot stepping off the kerb.


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I think what you are seeing is a bit different to the long distance radar warning. The latest NX has "Smart Parking Sensors" which also give the red warning and put on the brakes to stop you hitting a close obstacle at low speed.

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If this is what I think this is, it's normal, and designed to wake you to the fact that you are approaching - potentially too fast - a stationary obstacle, a car that has stopped ahead of you, or a vehicle that is moving significantly slower than you are. The system can be overly sensitive in the sense that it can pick up cars coming the other way on narrow roads, or sharp bends. It will only prompt you if you are not already showing down.
Sensitivity of the system can be amended (there are 3 levels). Not sure about the UX, but on the NX there is a button on the small panel by your left knee.

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I've only seen it once on my car, when I was headed towards a parked car and about to turn to go past it. I figure the system decided things were getting dicey and obviously didn't know I was just about to turn the wheel. If I'd ignored it and continued heading for the parked van I believe the system is supposed to take over and apply the brakes automatically, mitigating or even preventing the crash. Automatic emergency brake tests are towards the end of the video, but it's all interesting stuff:


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