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New Lexus Is200 Sport


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Even although I have sold my currrent IS200 Sport, (very sad to see it go) however, I have already made plans for my next IS200 which I plan to buy round about Aug / Sep 04.

By that time, I will have sold my current cars (less the wife's) and I will also have a garage to keep the IS in.

I will have a budget of £30k this time, so it's gonna be a good un!

See signature for planned mods.

My next IS200 will be black, and I hope to have the best IS in Scotland. So watch out @ the next meeting in Edinburgh. :whistling:

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Hopefully will look similar to this, but with 19's etc....


I will be buying the Lex from Ian @ Lexus Edinburgh.

Not sure of what style 19"'s to go for, but they will be different to the 18's I had on my old IS.

Anyway.... I will keep you all updated to my progress in this thread.

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If you've got a 30k budget why not go for an IS300 instead?

That would be ace, buy a 300 then start dabbling with that instead - that's it I'm off to put some money on the lottery!

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