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Hi All


I have a 2013 RX450H Premier which I have had from new and has been a great car. We have towed a caravan with it for the last 5 years and it has performed extreme well.

This is my third Lexus and I have now ordered my fourth which is a NX300 Takumi. This is my first time I have been disappointed with Lexus in 15 years dealing with them. I ordered the new car 9 weeks ago and I am still waiting for an approx delivery date from the factory. I am getting the usual excuses like Covid and Chip shortages. It make me think about canceling the order and look at some other make of car. What would you people do?

Regards  Geoff

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Hi Geoff and welcome to the LOC.

Sorry to hear of your problems getting your new Lexus, I guess covid is a valid reason plus the ship stuck in the Suez hasn’t helped deliveries.

Perhaps a subtle hint of cancellation may help although I suspect it is out of the dealers hands, they want to sell you a new car at the end of the day and retained a valued customer.

Another possibility is “free incentives” to continue the wait a little longer, service packages for example or “I’d like one of those Lexus umbrellas at the very least” 😀

I guess you could buy a lesser brand but would you then be in the same situation in a few months time?

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Where exactly is Haste David? It must be a lovely venue since it's mentioned a lot. Bit like being entreated to drink in Moderation, looked for years but never found it.😎

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If you really want to pressure them you could say that you now are considering a 


Both cars something similar to the one you are waiting for.

If on the other hand you have always been happy with Lexus you may have to: just wait.

Waiting sucks when wanting something new.


But: Welcome

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8 hours ago, geoff. said:

I am getting the usual excuses like Covid and Chip shortages.

What makes you think these reasons are "excuses"?


What would you people do?

Stick with what you've got for now until the situation improves.

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Welcome Geoff keep waiting Herbie sums it up factually how it is.

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