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Gs300h f sport vs luxury vs is300h

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I am new to the forum and looking at purchasing my first lexus. I am looking at second hand 2014/2015 versions of either the is300h or gs300h. 

The main reason why I have been attracted to lexus is wanting something different to the usual German options. I am also wanting comfortable and reliable motoring and as far as I am aware no one else will come close to what lexus has to offer. 

I would appreciate if I could get advice/help in choosing what would be best for my scenario. 

Main criteria:

1) reliability 

2) comfortable driving. I am less interested in how the car handles, I just want to get to a to b in ease.

3) long term residual value. I plan on keeping the car for at least 2 years and I want to limit how much I lose on the car. The GS being sold in less numbers I wonder if this would result in greater depreciation? 

I don't NEED the extra space the GS has to offer but it can come in handy. The GS has better standard equipment/larger screen/comfier set up which you would expect of a larger car. I have my eye on a gs300h luxury and an F sport trim. 

So from going through the forum what I understand is:

GS and IS are both reliable, both will have the lexus relax warranty. GS will be the more comfy car but the IS is more than good enough? Residuals wise I'm leaning towards the IS? 

I am also looking from a future perspective with the hybrid system benefit in comparison to the other marques diesel alternatives. 

I'm terms of the gs300h luxury vs f sport - the f sport seem to hold their value better if I'm not mistaken? And from trying to find out the difference between luxury and f sport am I correct in assuming it's mainly cosmetic, bigger brakes and additional sports + setting? 

There is a low milage luxury 2015 (65) model and I am comparing to a similarly priced 2014 (14) f sport model which has 10k more miles. 

Is the f sport worth the same value as a newer lesser milage luxury? 

Should I be looking at the is300h instead with the points I've raised? 

Sorry for the long post but would appreciate any feedback I could get! 

Thanks in advance! 

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Welcome Azhar 🙂

If you want reliability and comfort then you have certainly come to the right place!

Residual value is a difficult one to predict, but my understanding is that the rarity of the GS means it holds it value better.  You could try something like this but I have no idea how accurate it is:

Having experienced both IS and GS (albeit in GS450h guise), I can say that the IS is perfectly comfortable, but the GS is a noticeable set up, so if that is important then I would choose the GS.

I believe the F Sport is more desirable, so would hold its value better.  I can't remember the exact difference between models (I'm sure someone on here will know), but you are correct that it is mostly cosmetic with a few additions.  Bigger brakes, wheels and AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension) are included as well as the F Sport instrument cluster and Sport seats.

Personally, for a year older and 10k miles, I would favour the F Sport over the Luxury.

I hope this helps and good luck with your search 🙂

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Thank you for your quick response @Shahpor

That calculator is very handy! It doesn't show much difference in the IS and GS. IS is marginally better but its impossible to predict future values! 

Having contacted the dealer for the F sport I was unfortunately put off that the car. It hadn't been serviced since 2019 and the dealer couldn't give much of a reason for it. 

There aren't many cars to choose from and so I may have to see if I can get a deal on the luxury instead via a main dealer. 


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You did the right thing not going for that F Sport.  A full main dealer history is preferable but no service for the last 2 years is certainly a problem.

Main dealer is a good way to go, but don't assume just because they are selling it that it will be up to standard when it comes time to buy.  Myself and others have had to return cars to dealers for additional work after purchase, so treat it like you would any other car buying experience.  Having said that, one of the benefit of going this way is that the dealer in question fixed the issues without hassle in my case, so it should be the same if something does come up.

Any particular criteria or are you just looking for the best one you can find?

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Completely agree regarding the main dealer side, you can't just blindly trust them. The benefit you have from a main dealer I guess is they tend to be easier in most cases to get things rectified. 

I am looking for a 300h, not to keen on red but don't mind the other colour options. Ideally F sport but with the current search on auto trader very limited with options and around the £19000 mark. So it's almost like finding a needle in a haystack! 

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Hi there 

the GS is definitely more comfortable than IS with a better ride and also has a lovely interior,  best in class in my view. 
The GS F sport is firmer both in ride and steering feel. If you want comfort then I would go for GS luxury or premier spec and use sport mode which tightens up steering feel when required, otherwise leave in normal mode and enjoy comfort. The F sport has a permanently heavy sporty steering and firmer ride on 19 inch alloys so be sure to properly test. I had GS luxury model from new for 6 years, brilliant car with no issues at all. Good luck!

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Thank you @SSUR.

There are definitely more IS models to choose from compared to a limited supply of GS models. I need a car soonish so I may not get much of a choice if I cannot finalise a deal on a GS! 

It's great to hear you've had 6 years of problem free motoring and I hopefully look forward to experiencing something similar. 

I am still leaning towards the F sport as I do believe it will still be more than comfortable enough with the benefit of a slightly more engaging drive. 


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1 hour ago, Aa7777 said:

I am still leaning towards the F sport as I do believe it will still be more than comfortable enough with the benefit of a slightly more engaging drive. 

That is very subjective so only you can answer, however a non F Sport on smaller wheels is noticeably more comfortable.

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I agree with Colin, fsports are definitely more firm whereas other models are softer so you takes your pick….

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