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Just got this email from Telewest

Dear customer


At Telewest, we're committed to providing you the best broadband services at the best possible value.

So with this in mind, we’re especially pleased to announce our second programme of speed upgrades this year to make your blueyonder service even faster.

We increased the speed of your Internet service in April by 50%, from 512Kbps to your current speed of 750Kbps. When this second speed upgrade is completed, your new speed will be 1Mbps – a further 33% increase.

Furthermore, this increase will come at NO EXTRA COST and with completely UNLIMITED USAGE. Your current monthly charge will stay exactly the same.


Work on our network will start in December and be completed by January 2005. Everything will happen automatically, so there’s nothing you need to do. There’s no need to contact us.

Once we’ve completed the work in your area, we’ll write to you again so you’ll know exactly when you can start enjoying your faster speed.

:D And all for £25 a month

Anyone getting better for less?

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This is the second time in less than a year that Telewest customers will have a speed increase and all without the contention issues with ADSL. :)

The old 1Mb connections (before April 2004) will now be 2Mb

ScarFace you may be luckly and NTL follow Telewest again with another increase, although Telewest and NTL don't compete with each other just with the ADSL providers.

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This is one of the reasons I am glad I am with TW, NTL blows goats with it's caps et all..

TBH its a mute point as I doubt you'll find an area which offers teh choice of either NTL or TW.... so as long as I dont move back to Epsom I'm ok :)

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