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Insurance For My Is 200 Sport


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hey all a bit of a random topic but my insurance is due for renewal so i was jsut looking about.

i went to a web site that is ee advertised on tv and entered all the details and come up witha quote fo 330 fully comp with legal cover and protected no claims was quite suprised considering my other insurers quoted me over 600 quid.

i am 22 with full noclaims so i am gonna take that quote.

wat sorta money do the rest of u pay??

give them a go see if they can beat your quote

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Tell you what mate , thats some quote, im 36y/o with 8yr no claims and i pay 380 with esure. went to that privelage site and got a quote of over 400 so i think your getting a bargain .

Make sure you put in the right details lol :D

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yep on u saying that iw ent and double checked all my details and they all seem to be ok i will obvioulsy double check them when i get them thru in black and white!!!

i will have to phne them up about th emodding part not sure if they gona start stinging me when i mod it..

will soon find out!!!

i was well suprised at the quote perhaps the computer was jsut being nice that day :D

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Woodsy, i am with Privilege as well and pay £340 fully comp. I enquired a couple of months ago about putting on a sports air filter. They wanted to put the premium up by £70, so i just left it. I didn't have to pay anything extra for my trd grille, so i think they are ok for cosmetic mods, but they will sting you for engine mods.

Good luck


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Went on too privilege and here it is


27 years old

9 years ncb

car on driveway

cm23 Hertfordshire

licence for 10 years

skilled job........closest i can find too mine!!

150 excess

with £0 excess was £493

if you got £300 then that is a really good quote......i cant get mine less than £425


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thats well strange wonder whyt her eis such a difference.

i put 22 years old but will be 23 when i take the insurance out been driving 6 years when its renewed with 6 years no claims car in garage i put skilled as proffesion, no claims, no convictions etc etc.

i put protected no claims and legal cover at fully comp with 150 excess.

not sure if it has got windscreen cover???

quote was 330 and some pennies..

so i had to tkae it :D

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nope all usual stuff no added extras yet and yep i have checked all the details i put in

i will be 23 when i renew though??:P

i will update ya all but i think its a bargain do u think i would be rude to try and haggle them down or even ask them to through in some break down cover??

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Its most likely the fact that you have full no claims.

I'm about to turn 20 and paying around £1600.

I'd rip their arms off for that!

Im 21 over 3yrs driving with perfect license, and pay £2100. Personally, i think either he has put something in wrong perhaps (sorry if u haven't - don't want you to take offence), or you live in a very good area (i.e. your postcode - mine is Liverpool, so my cost is gonna be stupidly high, despite living no where near liverpool).

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sorry unfortunatly no muts nuts here

i phoned up and double and treble checked it all out today !! and 330.34 p so i tookt he quote and paid for it so they cant turn around and up the price and made sure its fully comp!!

i live in quite a good post code area, but hey did smash my brothers best quote for his bmw, he was quoted about 800-900 but went on the net and he got a quote of 450 so i was shocked at that too....but we live in same street smae post code??

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Not bad at all, £2,500 I was I currently pay. 1 year of driving and only being 21. Tesco was the only insurance company to even consider!! :sick: Gutted I'd chop my left b :tsktsk: k to get a quote like that!!! :lol:

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Bloody hell thats unbelievable. I am 31, 8 yrs no claims, no convictions, points, accidents etc. Garaged always and less than 3k a year. I tried everyone and the cheapest i found was with egg with £380. You must live 100 miles away from anyone.

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im feeling all special now since i got cheap insurance but ya got me all worried, i hope they dont phone and say excuse me mr woods we made and error!! but i have paid it in full now and got the the cover note on its way:D so if they have cocked it up its there prob and of course i will be expecting to pay less next year:D

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