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Replacement Lock Barrell


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Im getting a new lock barrell to put on my IS200 after it got stuck in the ACC position. Im obviously going to have 2 sets of keys (1 for the ign and one for the doors) but my question is will the car start OK even though its a different key or does it need to be programmed to the immobiliser?

How does the immob. work? Infa-red? Radio waves?

Cheers :)

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You would need to remove the electronics from the new key as it would detect that one. Keys need to be very close for the immobiliser to detect them so it may not work just being on the keyring.

I would move the electronics from the old key to the new one. That way the new key will turn off the immobiliser, start the engine and remote unlock/lock the doors.

The old key can then just be used for manually unlocking/locking the doors.

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Ahh that seems most sensible - is it something a novice could do? (move the insides of the key or...?)


Yes just unscrew/unclip the cover and whole module that has the battery/buttons etc comes out and can be fitted in another key.

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key stuck in acc... the exact thing happend to me the day i got my lex. the deeler took it to a lexus garrage who put a new barrol in it and put the transponder on the key the other key for the door lock has been taped as i was told NOT to put it in the new lock .

ive spoke to a lock smith in westhoughton thay will re-tumbel the barrol for £25 back to 1 key soon. got to find out how to get the barrol out

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