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Ikea @ Edmonton


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What madness that was then.....ques were tailing back on the 406 :shifty: saw the crowds outside the building and thought :tsktsk: that and went home......just heard on the radio that the store is now shut till further notice cause too many people got hurt :blink: :duh: madness

did anyone actually wait to get in??

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saw this on the news this morning, you ok scarface?

what complete madness!

It was complete madness !!!!!!!! there was sooo much traffic , queues .... it was just ridiculous .... I didn't even end up getting INTO the store !!

They were giving away ...... sofa's for £45 ....... and bed frames for like £6 ... usually £80 !!!!!!!!!

It was pure madness .... there was a load of ambulances .... police - .. and even firebrigades ....... oh .... i did see a LEX though ..... ..

a MK1 GS number plate C*6 LEX

anyone here ?

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