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Cd Player Is Is200


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I've had my CD unit replaced under wanranty (due to the dreaded ERR3) and I have been told not to use CD-R's by Lexus Bradford becuase CD-R's are thicker than original CD's, is this true????

Also, should I carry on using CD-R's or not? As my IS200 is now 4 years old and I don't want to be paying for a new CD unit out of my own pocket once the car is over 5 years old!

Any advice is much appreciated...

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I think CD-R is slightly thicker than standard discs, BUT..

I have been using Infiniti CD-Rs since I got the car and have had no problems.

Try burning at 4x speed instead of 24x speed.

Also if you do a search you'll find this question answered in depth previously. (If I knew how to link I'd put it up for you!)

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Avoid cheap discs to.

I've found that the best is JVC, Philips Maxell are also ok. I tried some Imation which I use for data usually and they jump and skip all over the place.

Just worth bearing in mind.

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:D I've found that if you burn the discs at a very low speed (4x to 8x) then there are no problems with CDR discs.But when I first used them in my stereo I burnt them at full speed (x48 to x52) and they skipped and jumped all overthe place!!!


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is there anybody who tried those cd-r's in the first generation cd players? the units with the cd drive under the cassette player? i tried some of my burns but the player didn't play them... normal cd's no problem.

that is all i use and have only had a prob when i used a cheap disc and the foil came off!

i can burn at 52 X and it still plays fine - just dont put labels on the disc and u will be fine

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Just for info :

I'm considering getting one...............

The latest range of Canon Pixma printers incorporate a CDR direct print function.

You do need to get the right type of CDR with a plain face to print on but apparently it prints OK.

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I don't get that.

I can understand why they advise against labels because some of the cheaper ones can peel at the edges under continual heat.

Some years ago I heard that HP and Neato jointly developed an adhesive that prevented this from happening and I have been using Neato labels since for many years with no problems whatsoever.

Anyone got a micrometer handy to check out the thickness theory ?

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I use Ritek & Bulpaq discs all the time and have never had a problem with them in the cd player.

The canon printers are great for printing on CD's I have one of the I series which gives the ability to print on CD, and it is no more thirsty than doing colour printing in general.

I have an Epson printer that prints on CDs (and they look great), but I do think that printable CDs are a little thicker than production ones (I have Verbatim ones)

However, the CDRs I use in the car are really cheap ones, are the same thickness as proper CDs and work fine with no skipping or anything. But my CD player has recently developed the ERR1 bug anyway, so I'm really not sure what causes it. My dealer said its the thickness of the disc, but if they're the same thickness, whats going on? :blink:

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Got myself a Canon IP4000 at the weekend and I am now in the process of re-burning all my CDR's as this printer has a CDR print function - no more labels and perfectly centered pics :)

Just hope that the printable Imation CDR's work OK, I have used 4x as a starting speed, I thought 48x was a tad risky.

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I GET THE SAME problem !

copied discs at high speeds you can just 4get it.... but at 4x it ok, tho stil not brilliant !!

even with original dics (works best ) but still skips at times,

what ive noticed is that you have to leave the cd player off for a minute or so whilst sriving then try it.

if it still skips, swich it off then on.... hey presto it works.

thats what i do... off then on and it works.

BUT if u swich off engine when player is still on , then turn on engine, the cd (which was playing fine) will now skip, so i have to off/on the cd player ands its ok again...

strange !!

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