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Merguires @ Halfords

Mr Morse

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A mate from the Celica-Club told me about this ......

"Some Halfords stores are now stocking some of the Meguiars range. It appears they have made a *****-up with the pricing and the NXT Tech-Wax is currently on sale @ £8.99 instead of £14.99.

Hurry before they realise....................

Don't buy the NXT Tech-Protectant though - thats priced @£14.99 instead of £8.99 !"


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Noticed they just started stocking Merguires products at my local Halfords, same price as Speeding etc

Nothing cheap about Speeding, products are retail price - just no delivery charge.

Seems you can now get the full range of products in the UK - including bodyshop products.

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According to Autoexpress the reviews they have done on various products they didn't give the Merguires a very good rating. Said it was over priced and does not perform as well as the price would suggest. Turtle wax from what I remember got a better conclusion.

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