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8000k Hids


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Finally got around to taking some pics of my new HIDs:

Sorry about the focus on this one, but shows the colour better:


This ones in better focus, but colour has come out a bit whiter than it is:


View out on to road:


Hope this helps anyone who's unsure of which rating to get :winky:

Just want to say a big thank you to Prolex for supplying them (at a great price :whistling: ) and also for insisting on getting the 8000K as I prob would have gone for the 6000 otherwise :unsure: :)

Thanks a lot mate, I'm very happy! :D

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They look great. Might be another mod for me in the new year :D

But where's your christmas decorations outside the house :lol:

Go for the 8000Ks, you won't be disappointed! :hehe:

Yeah been really slack this year, I normally put them up, but as I'm now living in central london (that's my parents house in the pic) they haven't gone up yet (as I only came back yesterday), gonna def do it today :whistling: :winky: :)

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hmmm 8k be nice on teh 250

Yeah they'll look great. The funny thing is that when you pull up next to cars with OEM HIDs, these ones make them look like halogen headlamps :hehe:

If you want a proper look, let me know, cos the pics really don't show up how good they look :)

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They look really good, makes my stock ones look dim! HID's are definately something I will invest in, but due to my new computer purchase and the imminent repair bill on the rear bumper of my car has forced me to hold fire....... :crybaby:

How difficult did you find them to fit?

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Ohhh do I or don't I? Can't really afford it.......... :duh:

Go for it mate, its a purchase you won't regret! :winky:

Installation is really simple, even I did it, 15 mins and they worked first time :ohmy::whistling:

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Two quick questions:

- I don't have HIDs can can certainly see a use for them particularly on dark country roads, but I do find them very dazzling in oncoming cars. Are they legal?

- What is the purpose of the ballast?

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Can you give us an update how you are getting on with the 8000K kit.

Night time driving, too blue or OK?

Dazzling other drivers?

Some better pictures?

Sorry haven't replied for a while, been a bit busy :blush:

Anyway, its all been good so far. The actual light on the road is not blue, it can only be described as very white. They're only blue when looking directly at the lights.

Did a long-ish motorway stint to cambridge and back at the weekend, and the light from the headlights was perfect for the parts of the motorway with no street lights. Its also great the way the lights make road signs and catseyes glow really brightly, makes night driving much easier

I know I keep saying this but it is really weird how they make OEM xenons look yellow :)

However, the visual appearance of OEMs is pure white, but 8000s are more blue, so its up to personal preference :winky:

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