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Japanese Tuners.......the Future Seems Bleak


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i thought apexi and apexera were part of the same company, "the apex group" , just different divisions :yawn:

there is talk of oil prices increasing manufacturing costs, which affect japan as a whole

and also of manufacturers producing cars that dont lend themselves to being modified

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You sure it's not for tax reasons ......... :shifty:

erm companies generally go Bust....for tax reasons :yawn:

In England they do all the time :crybaby:

IMHO the main reason is the competition from China where companies have access to cheaper labour and copy the Jap products and sell them @ 15/25% of the price

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yeah, its like the lambo door hinges.

A good kit costs £1000+

But the chinese are knocking out mass produced versions for £200-250

Its a shame that you have someone that inovates, then someone comes along and mass produces it.

Veilside etc should have a better time once Fast and furious 3 comes out, that film sends people straight to the shops and as they have heavily invested in that film i hope they see a return.

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