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Rattle Update And Thank You James!


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Well after 4 working days and painstaking effort on behalf of James ( 30 miles of test drives) and co at Lexus woodford things are looking up! the dash is a quiet as a mouse after a new thicker trim has been fitted between the dash and windscreen The B pillar rattle has gone and all that is left is a soft rattle somewhere in the door panel. I imagine with time more info will provide a solution to this as well. At least with the radio on it is not audible. The car is due a new seat belt as it falls into that early production range.

This really has gone some way to retoring my faith in Lexus and its after sales service.

James is 100% a credit to this dealership and Lexus ! Patient, methodical and above all honest! If I were his boss I would double his salary!


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James is a top bloke ! :D

i agree with you

I agree too, he is exactly what Lexus customer care is all about :D

Glad you got it sorted in the end, but I agree with Pip, don't think I would have been too pleased if a new car had rattled that badly........

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If the pre-sales is anything to go by, after-sales could be baaad!

I bought my IS200 from Leciester ... if that's where you are reffering to.

They are not good at all.... they promised me a courtesy call a week after my purchase ....

When did I hear from them ? the Next year ... when the MOT was due ........ cheeky :tsktsk:

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I would have been playing hell fire mate. Would have wanted my money back.

I would have been playing hell fire mate. Would have wanted my money back.

Yes Is did want to get my money back but legal opinion was divided and could have gone against me leaving me with the car and expenses to boot..hope all buyers follow my earlier post on taking collection of these cars. I do feel that James is sincere and will address any other problems in the future


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I agree with Alan - I have posted somewhere the legal consequences if you want to return your car. Whilst we all say Customer is the King, I think when it comes to situations like these, its the seller's market.

I tried the same route after severe rattles and seat belt issues, but both CAB and SMMT suggested that the customer is on a 'thin ground' and if the seller/dealer have provided a solution(which Lexus do by giving a loan car, replacing the seat, seat belt etc), we stand a less chance. If its on Hire purchase, dont even think abt it!

My dealer was very helpful when I was thinking of returning the car. He said that Lexus is a big company and they make a decision based on various factors. If the company doesnt decide to recall the car, then they will know how to justify it. Having said that, if it was a serious safety issue then they would consider it. In the process, I am fighting against a company on my own, wasting time, paying the solicitor and above all not enjoying my new car. I thought abt it and then said to myself - RELAX!


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