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Unlock You Car Using Ur Mobile Phone

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would be tempted to try this but since i changed the batteries in my keys i can open it from about 150 yards away which would mean i would have to be over 200 away. And where i ive if the cars open and im not in sight dam neds will be there in seconds lol.

Thats my mission for the day though, goin to go try it lol.

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no u guys are missing the point.

u need 2 mobile phones. the mobile phone is just sending the un-heard radio waves down the telephone and them same radio waves are transmitted using the telephone speaker. suppose it would depend on the type of phone u have aswell

scenario A.

ur in scotland and u have your car keys on u. ur car is in devon but someone needs to get something out of the car but they dont have the keys to unlock it. if they phone you while standing next to the car then u can press the button in scotland but open the car in devon!!

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just tried it, got my flat mate to stand next to my car as i ran a half mile down the road, absolutly nothing happened at all! Went and borrowed my girlfriends phone so we had two quad band phones meaning a better frquency range etc and still nothing.

Conclusion: Load of bollocks.

also just watched the video again and when the guy phones he is about 10 feet from the car, my transmitter works up to about much much further than that with out the means of phones etc.



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simple fact - the phone will not transmit the "sent" radio frequency of the remote.

its a bit like asking your mate to point his tv remote at the phone and hoping your tv will change channels. different, but same result - NOTHING!

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A mobile phone might use radio waves, but it's actually transmitting sound waves, so it's never going to work. Car remotes use either IR or RF, neither of which can be transmitted by a speaker and microphone!

However, the mobile phone *may* act as a signal booster, if the remote is touching it. You can do this with your own head - walk away from your car, until you are just out of the remote's operating range. Now press the remote against your chin and try it - you'll quite often find your car suddenly unlocks! All that's happening is your body is helping to amplify the signal slightly.


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