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hey people,

just thought id introduce myself.

names Scott, 20 years old(21 in may), at the moment im in aberdeen, originaly from west sussex, in a few weeks im moving to AST perth (the perth in scotland :blink: i got alot of "in astrailia?" so clearing it up now :shifty: ) This is because of my work, im a Bristow Helicopter engineering apprentice and iv recently perchaced a Lexus IS200 SE.

hobbies include paintballing(use to be semi-pro down south) american football,driving, welding, bass guitar and being loony.

thats pritty much me.


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Bodykit looks nice fit's car well!!

How much piping is needed for the air filter?? No wonder Wembley took so long to build looks like you stole their scaffolding! :D only kidding!

Does it make a nice sound?

Not sure if i'd of changed from standard stereo but if previous owner was having problems with it then fair enough.

But in my opinion it's a very tidy motor!!

Any plans to add some more mod's?

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erm.. problaly just supercharge it... for now :devil::lol:

yer i thort the induction pipe or "kit" was pritty big. but it has the right fittings so i assume it made of it. wouldent suprise me if he made it himself :lol:

the alloys need changing. rear ones have a bit of rust and bubbling :blink: and possibly change the rear lights to LED lights and the break lights on the boot to clear. but im still thinking about it.

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