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Air Intake Ducting

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By the look of that pic I would say that was Paul's (Norkep) Aristo. Judging by the 2JZ-GTE engine thats in it and also a thread he posted a while back of his engine bay and how he's had some pipe work and covers i.e. the intake pipe, sprayed blue :winky:

Also it looks absolutely nothing like an IS engine bay. Everything is in a different position (apart from engine) and a totally different engine. I would love to find that in my engine bay actually.

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I pulled the wheel arch back a bit, then found it easier taking the fog light out and doing it from the front, did the pilot hole then felt how close i was...The loom is supported pretty close to the inner arch.

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just dropped both fogs out as one's gone tempramental so this should get me to either replace both or duct from both openings.

I've felt for the cable and found it, i thinks its the fog light cable!? either way i know where it is, just need to decided on size for the hole now :winky:

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Very thin metal there, easy to hole saw.

However there is a loom or pipe under there.

I want to be doing this soon, gonna pipe half off to break and half to air filter, what is under the metal skin ?? anything important ?

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just a cable but remover the fog and it's easy to find/feel like aaron said.

Going to duct from the fog opening on that side, then im looking into moving the number plate to the opposite side so it sit's on the corner and filling in where it used to be.

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