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Hi everyone, ive been looking through the site for a while now trying to persuade myself to buy a lexus, and yesterday i brought one. I am now a proud owner of a v-reg is200 sport. Ive got a couple problems with it that i need to fix, one being the radio, for some reason the cd player works fine, but the radio only picks up static, and the other being i need to get part of the interior retrimed. The last owner must have been a smoker, as the cloth on the drivers a piller has got a few burn marks on it. Other than that the car is great.


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Welcome to LOC Kiff.

Best bet for the interior A pllar is a breakers yard or someone breaking one on E-Bay.

As for the radio, is it the standard Lexus one ? If so check the connections at the back

(after removing it first), the aerial has an amplifier for good reception, plus check that

the Aerial Lead is actually plugged in and not lose. Is it on all frequencies & bands ? (AM/FM)

I have a walkthru for the radio removal process, send me a PM (Personal Message)

Click on my name (drop down box should appear) then click send a message :D

(I will need a full email address to send the walkthru to)

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