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Which Of These Ls400s Would You Buy?

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I'd go for the first one. 131k is nothing for a Ls. Recent cambelt change, full service history and it's only 1 year older and about £700 cheaper. No doubt the first one. I'd offer him £1300 :)

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Hi Lee

To tell you the truth, I would go for the 1st one. The advert sounds as if the owner has really loved and looked after the car! The mileage on these cars doesnt matter. As usual, its how well its about how well its been looked after. Maybe I am wrong but when I see a car advert with 4 or 5 words, it makes me think the owner can not be bothered, and possibly can not be bothered to look after the car. The first advert sounds more genuine enthusiast to me.

In terms of price for the first car, start with £1200 and say no-one will buy a big V8 now adays, price of petrol, we are in a recession etc..... However if the car is right, paying close to his asking price will be an investment in the long run

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Buy both you know you want to!!! :lol:

Seriously I would go for the N reg I have to agree that it "looks" well cared for ( valet and engine bay spotless, body looks straight, wheels haven't corroded,owner seems genuine and knowledgable about the car from the detailed description,( ask how long they have owned it).

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To be honest why don't you try and look for a series 4 ?

The R reg car here is a series 3 and I picked up my series 4 , with 88K on the clock 1 previous owner and full Lexus History for £2900.

You can tell its a series 4 because it will have the in built navigation unit and were built 98` onwards.

Lexus had ironed out all the 400`s faults by the time it went to series 4 and it has the VVTI engine which for a 4L V8 is extremely economical, I get around 32 - 34 on a run 21 - 23 urban.

Just a thought ?

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The car will not be my main car

budget was £1500,then £2,000 but then pushed it up to £2,500

to be honest would like to get one for £2k or less

Yes i mk4 would be nicer, we are now thinking about having a LS400 as our main car, and buying an loder car for work. would have about £8,000 to spend on a new model,would like to know what that would get me. Have seen a few on Autotrader that lookded nice.

but still do like the older ones too, sure it would make things easier if i brought two of them :-)


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If you dont mind travelling a bit then there are better cars out there for example:

Or a Mk 4:

And there are more if you look around.

Out of your two, the second one looks like a shed, at least the first one has lexus carpets in it.

Hi guys

been looking at these two cars

would like to know which one you would buy and why?

And what would you offer?



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