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Extended Warranty? Yes Or No!

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Hi Everyone, Im a new member from Australia, and Im happy to be a member of the forum, So gidday!

Question: I have a 2005 IS200 80 000km with 4 Months factory Warranty left untill Sept, I have spoken to Lexus and they said I can extend the factory warranty for an extra 3 years/150000km if I do it before Sept and Pay $2000 AUD/1000 Pounds.

Do you think I would need to do this, considering the vehicles had all its servicing done on time and that Lexus is ultra reliable etc etc.

Your thoughts would be appreciated, Im not sure if this model had any problems, cant seem to find any!lol



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to be honest it can be a life saver just check the small print as somethings you expect to be covered might not ie fair wear and tear comes into it a lot more if you know what i mean and then its not so much a life saver.

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Stash the money in an account and let it earn interest.

In the unlikely event of a problem you have it there waiting.

If you do want an extended warranty, shop around a bit rather than go through Lexus.

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It's a gamble basically, like all extended warranties. You will be betting $2000/£1000 that something or things is/are going to go wrong over the next three years that are going to cost more than $2000/£1000. So like all gambles it's up to you as to whether you think the odds are in your favour or not.

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