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REG an54gks (this is a cherished number)

chassis number kun26r-prpsyt

frame number mrofz29g01519698

The vehicle is a Toyota vigo/hilux

The vehicle came from Thialand.

the build date is august 05

The part i need it the hot/cold heater switch. The dash is the same dash as the current hilux. With the 3 heater control dials. The switches have cables on the back of them like the old style controls. I have pictures on my phone but never bothered to work out how to post them on here. If your system at work excepts the frame and chassis number, if you send me an email address work or personal i will email them straight from my phone to you.

I have had a look on my local dealers system at both the switches used on the English Hilux, from memory( was a while ago i looked) the early system uses cable but they are not the same as the ones on the vehicle my customer has, the later system has an electronic switch. I have spoken to a vehicle importer who says the vehicles from thialand didnt have heaters they just had cold and aircon. All my local dealers parts systems wont except the frame number for the vehicle i am having problems with.

Cheers fella, could turn out to be a big problem for me this one as they are a very good customer of mine and have 4 of these imported things and you did say if i posted the details you would have a look for me lol

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Hi fil4362 - Ormi's resident (and overly modest, it's said!) parts genius here...

The problem all but the best Toyota parts departments in the UK will have is that their EPC will only have the European and Japanese data installed - it's not financially viable to spend the megabucks that Mr T will want for the information alone (you think their parts are expensive at times?!) as not enough demand for non JDM/European Market parts will pass through the departments. The best Toyota parts departments will have both European and Japanese Data along with awesome staff who know what they're talking about (some will say this species is sadly extinct ;) )

Now, most parts monkeys would give up and shrug their shoulders at the beloved customer at this point...but not here!

A dig around some other resources confirm that the vehicle in questions was built for the Malaysian market and is akin to the Australian Domestic Market and Phillipine models.

A quick squint at (unfortunately Toyota USA have harpooned this fantastic resource and the diagram/images have been removed) indicates a few part numbers that may be what we're after.

Part Name Code - 55905A - Part Number 55905-0K010 - Part Name - Knob, Heater Control

Part Name Code - 55905B - Part Number 55905-0K020 - Part Name - Knob, Heater Control, No. 2

Now we've got some names and numbers, which is a start, but Toyota are notoriously pants at naming things accurately so I'm not confident enough to say these parts are the correct parts...yet.

I had a look at the JDM Hi-Lux (2002 onwards) and the heater control knob PNC is 55905 and 55905J.

The heater control knobs have the part numbers that begin with 55905...this is looking promising!

So...from the info we've got the likely parts

Part Number- 55905-0K010. RRP - £6.59 + VAT

Part Number- 55905-0K020. RRP - £5.57 + VAT

I'm not 100% sure without seeing diagrams though so I'm afraid I've got to tell you to order them at your own peril.

Both parts are available from Toyota UK at your local dealership and if you ask them to rush the order they may choose to order them next-day for you. Since the parts are under £10.00 cost each they are unreturnable to Toyota and any properly-run parts department should ensure you're stuck with them if you ask them to order them.

If you need any more info give me a call at work - 0131 621 8236.

Good luck, hope that helps!


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cheers for them numbers mate i have got a picture in my hand of those parts. No su[rise to me there the wrong parts. The picture i have is of 2 twist cable nobs and 2 slide switches. The vehicle we have is the newer type dash with 3 twist switches. The uk market switches that i have seen for the newer model are electric and not cable. Any chance you can have another look for me

cheers phil

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