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Clicking From Throttle Body ?

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Hi to every-one hope you had a good new year.I've only had my IS 200 sport cross 2 weeks all OK until yesterday; Stopped for petrol car was just warm -and would not restart,

I eventually tried the old fashioned way,full accelerator and longer bursts on the starter eventually started seemed to run OK after 20 miles engine light came on :unsure:

Now it runs ok accelerates ok and starts first time hot or cold, I don't have a code reader but I have checked most obvious areas.The only thing I can find is with the engine running

there is a clicking from the throttle body area (like a relay type fault ) and you can see and feel the throttle quadrant and cable move if you hold it when it clicks.It appears a signal

is being sent to control the thottle. Can anyone who has experience of this problem point me in the right direction/ any further checks etc .Thanks ;I tend to panic when I see the

engine light Dave

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the throttle does normally give a little clicking sound when the keys in but the engines not on.

or is it doing it without the key in?

No. only does it with the engine running -stopped with ign on-nothing If this is just my inexperience and I have to get a code reader which one is most used on here ?

Thanks for prompt reply

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theres two ways really, one that plugs into your computer or a standalone one.

as long a its obdii it should be fine and theres a post here:

about what they all mean.

personally id recommend a standalone one that just gives you the codes and resets them.

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