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Replacing Rear Discs And Pads


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Hi, A few people have asked about replacing rear discs, as I was replacing mine today I thought I'd do a bit of a "beginners guide / how to"

Firstly chock the front wheels, jack the car up, with the handbrake released.

Remove the road wheel


Remove the spring clip A

Working from the inner side of the caliper tap out the pin B

Remove the two springs C

Then try to prise out the brake pads, if unable to remove them proceed to removing the caliper.


Remove the two 17mm caliper retaining bolts as shown above

If you didn't manage to remove the pads before do it now.


With the car in neutral and the handbrake off rotate the disc so that the black rubber lug is in the 6 o'clock position.

Prise out the lug

Using a torch look inside the hole to familiarise yourself with the position and shape of the handbrake cog.

Insert a flat head screwdriver and keep flicking downwards on the cog until it will go no further (this slackens off the handbrake shoes)

Now try to slide the disc off, if it will not release take a hammer a deliver a few heavy taps to the rear of the disc to help free it.


With the disc removed you can clean off any debris, also apply some copper grease between the wheel studs where the disc will sit.


With the new disc fitted in poisition you can re-adjust the handbrake. The same method applies only this time spin the cog in an upwards direction.

Keep doing it until the wheel locks and cannot be rotated, and then slacken of a few flicks. Remember to replace the rubber lug.


Next using a G-clamp force the caliper pistons back (remember to remove the cap on brake fluid reservoir in the engine compartment).

Then refit the caliper, tighten the two 17mm bolts to the specified torque (104Nm if my memory serves).

Slide in your pads (after fitting the anti-squeel shims and applying some copper grease to the backs of them)

Refit the springs and slide pin.

Refit the brake fluid reservoir cap and pump the brake pedal a few times, also check the operation of the handbrake.

When you're happy with that refit the road wheel (adding copper grease to the rear) and tighten to specified torque (103Nm) and you're done.


These are the tools you'll need.

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Can't believe nobody replied to say how helpful this post would be

The tutorial by Trevman is clear and concise and if i was in anyway confident in my ability with tools this run through seems foolproof and would be happy to use it.I had my front discs and pads replaced this week and paid £90 labour+got ebc discs and greenstuff pads not bad as also they informed me that a piston had siezed in one of the calipers{it had feltsluggish}THEN 2 DAYS LATER A COILPACK packed up.Got the newish goodyear tyre replaced {pothole damage again}so all in all diy tips are great and wish i had the confidence

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after seeing this im a tad worried as a-spring clip i under stand b-the pine that holds the pads is fine but that c-the two springs im missing could this be the course of ratting in the pads if so where can i order the the spring clip things?

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your missing your shims mine did the same the garage who put my pads on didn't put the shims back on so they ordered me a new set free of charge i should bloody hope so lol. ask Aclex if he can order you a set.

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