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Rx450H Advance Warranty Claim Denied?

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Im hoping someone could help me or give me any advise on this...

I purchased my new lexus in Nov 2011 and in May this year i notice that there was a mark on my windscreen on the passanger side (took me this long to notice this as im usually the driver). My husband who is in the motor trade took a look at the windscreen wiper and noticed that it had either slipped from its position or wasnt fitted correctly from manufacture and the wiper housing was touching my windscreen. We then immediatly contacted our dealer. We explained that with a 50k vehicle this should not of happened and to no fault of our own we now have a perminate mark on our windscreen. We asked our dealership to fix this under the warranty. We were contacted by lexus who have refused to do this and stated that it was probally caused by taking the vehicle through a car wash ( never use car washes we always wash our vehicles by hand) or by it freezing when it was icy ( this vehicle is garaged and no frost has ever got onto it), also the wipers sit on heated screen elements which would iradicate this.

Please note that the slipped wiper blade is not visable as it is consealed behind the housing. this is why we noticed the mark on the windscreen before realising there was a problem with the blade itself.

My husband has also inspected the mechanics of how the wiper blade connects to the housing and found that the blade is only held on by 1 locator at one end of the housing, the other end of the housing

is open i.e. there is no stop to prevent the wiper blade from sliding out.

Im now at a loss of what to do next, this car is only 6 months old and not even had its 1st service.

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I would give Lexus customer service a ring, they should sort it out for you.

It may also be possible to polish out the mark depending on how deep it is, I don’t mean just normal polish, you can get special polish to get marks out of glass, in the US they use it to get marks out of there headlights witch is caused by driving on fast sandy roads ( sand blasting).

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Good luck with dealing with Lexus UK, in my opinion they fall far short of their supposed superior customer service, thank goodness their dealers do grasp the meaning! I exchanged emails with the CEO of Lexus UK but no idea how to look after the customer. I hope you fair better.

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thanks for your replies.

I already have been in contact with Lexus Uk and didnt get a satifactory answer from them they are denying all claims that they could be responsable and stating that this hasnt happened before, meaning a wiper blade has not slipped, but doesnt this strengthen my claim as to the blade not being fitted into its location at manufacture as if it was in its location it would not slip ( please note you can not visably see the slipped blade as it is concealed behind the wiper housing)

The windscreen is in need of replacement and can not be polished out

i have now reverted back to my dealership again and finally got hold of the Manager of the dealership, he stated it is out of his hands but is going to try again with Lexus uk and ring me later today.

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The windscreen is in need of replacement and can not be polished out

Looking at your reply it looks like you have already contacted a window repair company, but just in case you change your mind…

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