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Ct200H Vs Rx400H


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Ok its not a sensible comparison as they are very different cars but having owned an RX400h for over a year I now find myself with a CT200h for a week which is interesting. (Some moron keyed 3/4 the length of my RX so it's having a £2,000 repair at my friendly local Lexus bodyshop.)

I like the CT. It's like a little cocoon and fairly comfortable apart from the harsh ride and difficulties getting the manual seat adjusted right. Handling is really good but it's so slow, small and basic. Perhaps if I bought one which actually had cruise control and electric seats then I could live with one. I must admit to being half tempted to get one someday. Not sure it'd cope with a boot load of luggage for holiday or three people in the back for a long distance journey though. The fuel consumption is a definite plus. I managed 72mpg for one very careful 16 mile journey. Mixed driving I'm just getting 55mpg but its still better than the 28-33mpg that my RX manages.

Has anyone tried the move from RX to CT permanently?

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I'm not sure I could do it, mainly just from the lack of power. I use my wife's Prius quite a bit and may well replace that with an Auris hybrid soon (essentially a CT without such bad suspension ;) ) but I'm always back in my RX after a few days.

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It'll be nice to have mine back and without the wobbly go faster stripe. Think if I'm not careful the CT is going back with a few cms scraped off the bottoms of the front doors though...

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We went from RX400h SE-L to CT200h SE-L Premier.

And we really miss the RX!! :(

Good bits of CT vs RX:

New generation hybrid drive system- EV mode, nicer gear selection, sport/eco modes

13 speakers- the sound system is improved with Bluetooth connection to Iphone

SatNav no longer locked when moving

Easier to park

Bad bits:

Seems to be more road noise

Obvious things like less space

Suspension too harsh for my liking, I like the floating sofa ride in RX

SatNav screen is a slightly too small

Lexus doesn't seem to have lavished same the level of luxury on the CT, which isn't surprising given they are at opposite scales of their range. For example only the driver side is electric (at least for UK models).

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The harsh suspension is the only reason that stopped me buying the CT and glad it's not just me complaining about it.

I don't know how they got it so wrong, such a shame.

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I have had three Rx400h/450h's. Great cars and I enjoyed every minute in them. But downside was that I really didn't need the space and the cars were not as easy to manoever in the miserable car parks we have as I would like. Boot space tende to only get used when I had to help offspring move to another London flat.

Finally took the sensible decision and parted company with the last Rx450h and bought a Ct200h Premier. Obvious advantages are that it is easier to park and my wife is more comfortable driving it. Excellent driving position and the interior noise is no different from the Rx450h. If you want all the toys (such as photochromatic mirrors and the best seats then you do need the premier whereas the SE-L would have given you most items on the Rx. Petrol consumption indicated after the first 1000 miles is 59mpg as against 36mpg in the Rx.

I know that some people have said that they found that the ride was harsher on UK roads. I can only report that I have not noticed this characteristic. Seems fine to me. I am now completely at home in the vehicle and don't miss the Rx but the CT is not really as comfortable if you had to take four people long distances or move luggage around.

Keep losing it in carparks as it is low down and not as visible as the Rx. Only irritating feature is a constant beep when the car is in reverse for some reason this can only be switched off at the dealers so will have to get this done as I know when I am in reverse as I can see the scenery going backwards past the window. Best feature is that the car is now too small to help children move flat so they are on their own for that chore. Overall I'm glad I switched but it really comes down to the type of car that you need.

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I was new to the Lexus marque when I bought my CT and so I just took it at face value. I had looked at the prius gen 3 and the auris and found them both competent but lacking in something which the CT has. The suspension and feed back on the smaller diameter, higher profile option tyres it just right for me and the sporty appearance and feel are more appealing. My wife has a prius and so if we need to carry more people we use the Prius so space isnt an issue.

Maybe I should try one of the other Lexus ranges. Visually, they are all very appealing if not so frugal! :D

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