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Fuel Economy Is 250 Manual, 2006 Model - Fuel Economy General

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This evening I filled the car and drove it 100 km (60 miles) on motorway and 8km in city. Driving using cruise control at Number 2 (speeds of 55 to 60mph) generated a tank average of 54mpg, and at the end of the run, the combined was 50.5mpg. These numbs exceed the Lexus recommended. It's a 250 sport mm 2006. When the RPM is at 2, the car is doing 50mpg, sometimes a little more. A few weeks ago I test drove the new IS250 Advance, which was very smooth. I noted that whe. The rpm was at a value of 2, the speed was 70 to 75mph, so I assume it too will beat the 50mpg barrier, but driving a little faster.

With Govt threatening Moore and more fuel duties, maybe we should compare notes on driving styles and optimum speed/tach settings to extract maximum mpg from our is250s. Mine is a manual.

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Your MPG figures are impressive. Theoretically with your driving style, you should be able to get beter MPG with the IS250 advance because the AUTO provides better MPG according to Lexus. Personally I don't see the point in driving down the motorway at 55-60 miles an hour unless restricted to by a speed limit. I pulled out of buying an Evo X 330 SST instead of our second IS250 because the only way to get 30mpg on a motorway run was to drive at 60mph.

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Good point re: Advance, in fact, having had one for 4 days and noting the low RPM at the UK speed limit, this is what prompted me to see if my own older IS 250 could be more economical. I changed gears at the same time as the advance did (changing at or slightly below 1.5 k rpm. I also filled the tank with Super 100 (RON 95, 98 and 100 available here). Yesterday, on the same tank, I drove 40km in city (non motorway) with speed limits of 60 to 80 kph (40 to approx 50mph) so the tank average dropped to 48.2, still very good.

However, I did more impressive tests last week. On a single run of 1260km, which I did at the weekend, the tank averages were 40.1 mpg (needed to fill 3 times) and drove this at the speed limits which for this trip were 130kph for most of it (80mph) but all motorway.

Having covered the best part of 5000km in recent weeks, I can still say that this 6 year old car delivered flawlessly, as usual, which is why it is called a Lexus.

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I too noted that the new IS250 only revs @2000 RPM whilst doing 70MPH as opposed to my 55 Reg IS250 Manual @ 2500RPM for 70 MPH.

Anyway, I just did 840 miles in the long weekend mostly motorway including the notorious M6 traffic jams averaging 63 MPH and i managed to achive 43Mpg, it could easily beat 50MPG if I was bit more gentle on the throttle at stuck to 60MPH.... tyre pressure was at 37 and 40 psi in the R17s

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I really want to buy a is250 but was put off by the book mpg figures.

I have a diesel version currently and when I had it in for service I had a petrol for the day.

My trip to work on A- roads saw an average over 40mpg.

I was quite shocked as I don't get better than this from the diesel.

Is the computer out or is the is250 in fact better than the book figures indicate.

Everyone in this thread would seem to indicate this.

The reason I ask is that I'm seriously thinking of selling my BMW 330d and buying an is250 sel 2006 plate.

I love everything about the car and only the fuel was a concern but if I can return 38+ on my 40-50mph a-road trip to work then I'm convinced.

By the way I also already own an is220d and love it but I want the auto now as well.


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The new GS250 is the same - driven gently the gears change in very quick succession between 1300-1900 rpm, and you can genuinely keep it below 2000 rpm at all legal UK speeds without driving miss daisy around, and average real world of 37-40 on a run!

If it had 8 speeds and start stop I'm sure the CO2 would have been much lower - may be down to 175!

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Only had the car little under a month and bear I've gotten is 42mpg on my drive from London to Edinbrugh

I drive 50 miles daily and seem to get between 33-38mpg.... Cruise control helps but weather is cold so that may have an impact on the mpg.

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OK the electrical indicators for fuel consumption may not give the true story - surely it is better to gauge your consumption by filling to brim - trip - use - fill to brim - note mileage covered. Take an average of 3 fill ups to get a more accurate figure. I get the feeling it may surprise.

I have 2006 IS250 Auto - over the last 4 fills I have averaged 29mpg - that is mainly short runs of 10 miles and maybe 100 over the weekend. Urban and country roads.


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