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Help! Another Sunroof Problem!


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Hi guys, I really need help asap with my sunroof. I pressed the slide back button and it moved slightly then jammed! When I got out of the car, I noticed one corner of the glass has sunk below the roof level. Does the glass slide back under the roof or over it? It's never worked since I've had the car so I don't know how they open on the IS200. I've attached an image and I hope you guys can see it to advise me the best way to fix this. Cheers in advancepost-45530-0-38906200-1359813206.jpgpost-45530-0-89861600-1359813980.jpg

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The sunroof retracts into the roof space. There are two drive cables to pull the roof along in an even fashion maybe one side on yours has become un-attached? On the drive gear there are markings for aligning the drive gear to the cables if some has messed with this it maybe trying to pull out of sink.

This problem will be either simple to fix remove the trim to see if you can see any obvious problems or maybe best to secure a replacement unit from a salvage yard and replace the unit.

If you can download the Lexus manual then section BO-85 & 86 gives parts diagrams and removal instructions.

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looking at the photos the sunroof has just gone into drop mode which is the point before it slides back.

1st hsve to tryed to tap gently on the other side that will not go down? as a sunroof not used for a while will often stick due to mould or mosh between the rubber and the roof metal part try that first if it drops then move back a fraction and look at the edge to see if there is any dirt or general mesh there that can be wiped off.

2nd if that is not working does the roof make any noise at all when you press slide or clos?

3rd as it is i thinkl number 1 above will help get it shut if its stuck if it is still jammed when you tap it with your hand 9done this often they go down only 1 never did) once down try slide back after cleaning edges as above then close it up when its closed try tilt and also clean along the seal edge where dirty mould etc usually collects if its not been used recently.

4th if it still jammed after all the above post it and i will help further this common on all toyotas with a roof of this type as it retracts into a sealed housing within the roof space dont worry about try above and ;let me know

the cables do snap but only ever seen one in 30years that was from rust on the connecting end lets do above and go from there :D


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Thanks for the quick reply guys.

@Dewfallsuk I have it downloaded so i'll be looking for them sections tonight. Do you know of any salvage/breaker yards in England? Cheers

@CC I tried to push down a little and it won't budge. I've heard stories about glass smashing on people so I didn't press too hard lol. I don't think it's going to move though.

When I press the tilt buttons nothing happens, it's just the slide back button that makes a `click`. No motor sound. I do know the motor works now (which was my initial problem). Will it be worth removing the headliner to get a good look at what's going?

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this is not a simple job there is the timing of the cables and the motor to consider first off

removing headlining is the basics if you wnat to get that out and you will see the frame box it all sits in then once you done the headlining out and you can see the box post again and we will go on from there ok

have you tryed pressing the button as if you are closing it and pressing up on the glass to help it shut?

parts are a variety of small pieces joined up we will cover that if you need the information ok.

if the cables are u/s buy new not old worn cables first off

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Hi David and welcome to the LOC.

No I’m not normally up at this time in the morning 😀

When you say what position, tilt,open,closed?

Try this first.

Reinitialize the sunroof by following these steps and see if that helps.

1. Move the sliding roof to the maximum tilted position
2. Release the switch, press the same switch again and hold it for 10 seconds
3. The sliding roof operates in a cycle of TILT DOWN>SLIDE OPEN>SLIDE CLOSE>TILT UP 
4. This completes the initializing.

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