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  1. I do have a set of these, will dig them out and have a look at the condition.
  2. The 18” multi spoke ones with the plastic center caps?
  3. Had many a good chat with Tony and am very shocked to hear of his passing :( my condolences to his family and friends. Andy
  4. Do not buy a second hand remote as they are not reprogrammable to different cars! Andy
  5. No, depending on the spec and year some were fitted with vented rears :) Andy
  6. Thats the one I have driven around Silverstone
  7. You may also need a Certificate of Conformity but as these were not a requirement for UK cars you would need to get one from Lexus GB if they are available. But I could be wrong ;) Andy
  8. The parts numbers for the flywheel and clutch kit are listed for the IS only with no crossover to Toyota vehicles :( Andy
  9. Will see if I can get up for this :) Andy
  10. Welcome, glad to hear you have brought some good cars ;) Andy
  11. I would recommend the MeisterR coilovers that Jerrick sells, were really nice on my LS400 ;) Andy
  12. Thank you, I will keep looking. You got yourself a good deal at that price. Hope I can do the same. I really don't want to spend the silly money that Lexus are asking. I really don't know how they can justify the price! Hi Geoff, I can do one for £36.59 posted if you are interested :) Andy
  13. Retail price for that part in the UK is £25.62 + vat. Best I could do it for would be £23.06 + vat and post so would come to £36.67. Regards, Andy
  14. Hi Wendy, I assume someone will be fitting this for you? Another option is to fit a replacement seal kit if the pump is just leaking, these are £24.62 + vat but there will be more labour involved but still considerably cheaper than a new pump ;) If you are looking to source a second hand unit you may not know that Lexus now only list one pump to cover MK1 through to MK3 models. Hope this helps, Andy
  15. The chassis range covers affected vehicles however not all are fitted with the affected inverter so this has to be checked physically. Andy
  16. Are they the original locking wheel nuts? if so these are the supliers and may be able to help with a replacement Andy
  17. I find it strange that any dealer would refuse to customise the cars settings to the customers preference providing that it does not affect the cars safety :eerrrmm: It is not compulsory to have the warning on as far as I am aware Andy
  18. Hi Ant, this was my LS on LS430 18" wheels :) I also think the 05 on GS 18" 5 spokes would look nice on the LS ;) Andy
  19. I cant believe how much they want for that!! You say that you still have a master key? all they need to do is order a complete cut key and programme it. We would charge £135 all in for that!! the retail price for the key itself (89070-24251-84)is £104.59 inc vat Andy
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