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  1. It wasn’t dropping into EV, the ICE stayed running. Just going into regen and power, as if the motor generator kept swapping between motor and generator. Motorway was flat and it cycled every few seconds. It was as if it was trying to keep the speed but was oscillating, slow down speed up slow down speed up. Like a PID controller that was not tuned (if you know what that means). Thanks Paul
  2. Hi, I have the standard cruise control, not the adaptive cruise control and don't use it much but today I tried it out and noticed the following. Was travelling down the motorway with cc off. Then came to some roadworks and a 50 speed limit, traffic was not too bad so I set the cc to 50 (sorry for holding everyone up). After a while I could feel the car pulse faster and slower although the speed on the speedo seemed to stay the same. I put it in sport mode to see what the rev counter was doing and it was steady at 1500 rpm. I noticed the power meter was raising slightly and then dipping so had a look at the battery, engine, motor graphic. I noticed that when the car felt slower it was charging the battery and when faster, the engine and motor were on. The battery was full (most bars). It seemed that the car kept topping up the battery and then discharging the battery to assist the engine, but only for a few seconds at a time. It was a bit disconcerting and not a smooth drive. If I hadn't come to my junction and turned the cc off, I would have anyway, as the ride was not smooth. Has anyone else noticed this strange behaviour?
  3. After a while you will stop being obsessed with the battery level and just trust it to do its thing. It is a Lexus after all. Enjoy the drive.
  4. Ah but how would you test it. Walk away from car, is it locked? go back to car to check, car unlocks,..... I think this is getting too lazy.
  5. Press the dimple on the door handle or press the button on the remote.
  6. Assuming L3 XUS is out of your price range/not available, how about VC 02 LEX or any other number (making sure the age letter is not newer than your car.)
  7. Lovely colour mesa red, but I'm biased. Had mine glasscoated and it still looks vibrant after three years. Nice to see a bit of colour. Too many black/silver/grey/white cars around.
  8. Have you done the two black ones in the front grill?
  9. My car is just reaching the 3 years old mark and am considering the extended warranty. £800 is a lot for two years but so is £460 for a sensor! Hum, a dilemma. Piece of mind or trust your luck. Its a difficult decision. I've not needed the warranty and it still seems to be in full working order (touch wood) but you don't know what will break tomorrow. I'm not ready to change yet so maybe the piece of mind will be worth it. Is there any movement on the £800 quoted on the Lexus website for 2 years extended warranty.
  10. Forget everything you know or read about on conventional CVT gearboxes. Turn the silly simulated noise off and just be amazed at how well it works and how smooth it is.
  11. It’s great advice if the dealer wants to shift one of their last GSs.
  12. I would be interested in an IS tourer. The IS is a great car but not very practical for family life. We end up using the wife’s Jazz when going on holiday or taking kids to uni etc. Also you can’t get a wheelchair or walker in the IS if taking aged parents out. I am not keen on an SUV as I like to be able to clean the roof without needing stepladders.
  13. I’ve noticed this on every automatic car I’ve had. I think it’s something to do with the weight of the car shifting on the suspension and the brakes holding the wheels. Like when you release the handbrake the car can raise up.
  14. Had a play with this this morning. When in EV mode it does not make a sound (as you may expect). When in sport mode it makes a droning engine sound simulating gear change noise as you accelerate. It even make the droning noise when it kicks in to EV mode and the rev counter says 0 rpm! Can't really see why anyone would find it useful, they could at least put a nice V10 soundtrack from the LFA in.
  15. I have just started to notice this too after a service. Sounds like a turbo. I thought perhaps that had put a new engine in but alas it doesn't go any quicker. I have also developed (well not me but the car) a slight squeak from the wheels when driving slowly in traffic jams ( most of the time then). This started after the service and new tyres. I'll have to turn the volume up. [emoji450][emoji442]
  16. Why am I always repeating myself Why am I always repeating myself Why....
  17. It may be the volume control knob for the ASC is dirty and causing poor contact. It's on the dashboard to the right of the steering wheel. Not experienced this myself as I have asc switched off. Bit of a gimmick really. If you want simulated engine noise they should make it a V10 from the LFA.
  18. It may be the volume control knob for the ASC is dirty and causing poor contact. It's on the dashboard to the right of the steering wheel. Not experienced this myself as I have asc switched off. Bit of a gimmick really. If you want simulated engine noise they should make it a V10 from the LFA.
  19. Hi, I have still been using the Lexus OC app on my iPad. It disappeared from the App Store some time ago but has still worked until recently. Now it does not update. Tapatalk still works but I preferred the Lexus OC app as it took less clucks to get to bit I wanted.
  20. Most disappointing, with snow mode on, can't get the back end to step out at all. [emoji854]
  21. Another use of EV mode is when I am sitting in the car having my lunch. In EV mode the heated seats and air con work but the engine is not running as long as battery is charged.
  22. Another option is to check the wipers are not frozen before you get in the car. Also to get the snow off the top of the doors before you open them and the snow falls on the seat!. One not so easy to check before it is too late is if the window is frozen. When you put the window down and its stuck, will that do any damage?
  23. I just use Bluetooth Select source to phone and play the music.
  24. What is the definition of “excessive acceleration”? When in EV mode, it seems very eager to start the engine even when the gas pedal is pressed very gently. It also happens when in ECO or Normal mode (not tried Sport). For example when in a queue of traffic, as soon as you start to move off the engine starts then will shut off again a few seconds later. I don’t press the accelerator hard, just a gentle push. It is very difficult to get the car rolling without the engine starting. Bit of a pain in stop start traffic. Battery level is 50% plus. Is this normal? Car is 2015 pre facelift IS300h. Thanks Paul